Sunday, August 05, 2007

Beauty Secrets from the East - Masyarakat Pribumi

Rahsia Kecantikan Masyarakat Pribumi
Edisi Khas

Sempena 50 tahun kemerdekaan negara

Beauty Secrets from the East
Monday, 6th August

7.30 pm

exclusively on tv3

To my dear readers....

Remember how I told you a few months ago while I was on location I had a problem shooting cause I was 'attacked' by a leech or pacat which left me bleeding for ages and a blood stain the size of my hand on my shirt at the back? (title of posting is 'A WHAT?!' in April)

Well, that little incident happened while I was shooting THIS episode!

Below is a picture of me with a Nenek from the orang asli community in Cameron Highlands. The shirt I am wearing is the shirt that got the leech caused blood stain on it and I think it must have happened when we were trekking through the jungle.

Watch the show and you will notice after a while I'm only shot from my right angle....

Sorry guys, no competition with a gift to give away this week... but there will be more coming!

Side note-
I notice I'm getting a lot of readers from Australia. Great! Do email into me at and tell me a little bit about yourself. Eg are you a Malaysian student studying there (like I was)? Are you Australian (like my mother)? What do you like reading on this site?

To my readers in Brunei, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, the United States and everywhere else, you're most welcome to write in too!!!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Nora said...

Sorry just felt like to leave a comment.U're one very talented girl. eventho' I dont really know u.I hope my little princess will follow ur step too. U go girl!
Nora, from Edinburgh,UK

missy frm japan said...

hello the pious reader of your blog..hehe..i love everything you write on this page especially on fashion..i really love your fashion sense,smart and classy..i dont want to mention this again,but you're such a talented person and lovely person.

Hurnain said...

i caught *that* particular show a couple of days ago.

i was wondering how u were trekking in the jungle in a pair of jeans. :p