Saturday, January 29, 2011

only with special permission..

sometimes the locations we visit, photography or video recordings are not allowed.

when we visited the palace museum, our tour guide made prior arrangements and a special request for Dansa to be able to document the priceless treasures on display in the museum..

only people wearing this vest are allowed to take photos..

dressing up to sell shoes..

I took these pics of a young girl (i think it's a girl, bit hard to tell with this outfit on) at a night market in taiwan.

Was so difficult to get a picture... kept moving away from our cameras..

The most stylish dog i have ever seen!

just before we left taiwan, we saw this little dog running around.

seriously the most stylish dog i have ever seen!

track suit, dyed hot pink ears and tail and the sunglasses are way too cool!!!

this really made me smile!

costume room

one of my favourite places is always the costume rooms... i snapped these pictures at the costume room of the taiwanese aboriginal dancers... very colourful as you can see!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pictures taken at National Centre of Traditional Arts in Yilan, Taiwan

Pictures taken at Leofoo Village Theme Park

this monkey looked so cute...

i don't know where man baie and fadli want to go,
but they won't get very far on this horse!

my favourite colour is actually peacock blue,
and i think they are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world!

nairobi express, but in taiwan!

monkeys also want to be like marilyn monroe and elvis presley!

really?! hahahaha!

Big wishes...

While we were at the Shangrila Resort Farm in Yilan, north of Taiwan, we were given a sky lantern to write our wishes on it, then we were shown how to light it and let it fly into the sky..

So we were all very enthusiastic about writing allllllll kinds of wishes...

the lantern was full of all our writing...

But then, when we lit it and let it float up into the sky, it didn't last very long, less than a minute because it caught fire on the outside and just fell to the ground...

we couldn't stop laughing for about five minutes...obviously too many wishes!

so we tried again.... we wrote our wishes again, fewer this time, and again, not accepted!

the lantern went up, about a minute later, the fire went out...

i think we all need to decide on only one wish and try again!