Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Harem pants

Harem pants are making a comeback (remember MC Hammer? ).

These pants are such a trend and I doubt it will last very long again, but these pants are comfortable and the version I like are the ones that are long but not with the horrible dropped crotch.

I would not spend a lot of money on these pants...

But I will give it a try too....

Love the look in pic above.. Harem pants and to balance all the draping and fabric, a simple cropped jacket.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the catwalk at Stylo event

The week the F1 was on, there were several events hapening around town and one of them was a Stylo event at the lake gardens...

Several local personalities were invited to walk the catwalk modelling dresses by local designers. I was invited by Edmund Ser to wear one of his evening dresses and Daz wore one of his suits...

I love the suit and Edmund has promised to make one for me.. just have to find time to go and see him to be measured.. He said the suit was inspired by Bianca Jagger... Hmmmm, maybe I should get one in white too.... :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

P&G Launch

At the recent P&G beauty launch, a good friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure of performing with before Nell Ng performed in a short play called "Home Studio : The Three Ages of Women" at the Palace of the Golden Horses.

The cleverly crafted play showcased the importance of beauty innovation in the three stages of a women’s life, as a 20-something, a 30-something and a 40-something.

Nell as always was funny and quirky and had all of us laughing and laughing...

Right after the play, the evening’s program continued with a “Home Studio: Bisik-Bisik session.” The “Home Studio: Bisik-Bisik session” featured model and actress, Elaine Daly, TV personality, Belinda Chee and former newscaster, Hong Jukhee. All three of them, who are beauty authorities themselves, came together for a girl-to-girl bisik-bisik sofa session on the topic of beauty.

The “Home Studio: Bisik-Bisik session” became very lively andchatty and besides a discussion on beauty philosophy, beauty regiment and tips, another “hot” topic that came up was on how have tight times like now made women change their habits on beauty care spending. All three of them agreed that there should be no compromise on quality products from trusted brands, even in times like these.

When asked the question on what is the most important “ingredient” in beauty care, Elaine had this to say, “Without doubts, discipline is the key “ingredient!” When asked to elaborate, she said that one must have the discipline to stick to the scheduled time every morning and evening to care for your skin and hair. “You can have the best products in the world, but without a disciplined approach to daily beauty care, it is just not going to work,” concluded Elaine. I totally agree with Elaine on this.

Discipline - something I have to keep reminding myself too! So far I have never gone to sleep at night with my make up on! And I love the colour of Belinda Chee's dress!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Preparing for Bebe Fashion Show....

In an earlier posting I wrote about how I love the look appearing everywhere now of the tapered leg trousers with long men's cut jackets. I bought a pair of tapered leg pants from Zara and paired it with a vintage Versace jacket which a good friend of mine gave to me about 14 years ago, and she had it for years before that too... I messaged her to tell her I still have the jacket, still love it and can still wear it!

I was at Pavillion for the Bebe Fashion show which I was invited to walk on the catwalk fashion show. While doing my make up at stage, I noticed this make up reference all the make up artists were given so they know what kind of make up to do for the models.

In the dressing area, this was taped to the wall so everyone knew which look they are to wear and in what order during the show...

While waiting to get dressed for the show, I kept myself amused by taking pictures using the mirror in the dressing room...

I don't have the pictures from the actual show yet, will put them up once I do...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clean up time

Sunday.. clean up time...

First thing, remove all old shoes from shoe cupboard and re arrange...

Second, it's not a good idea to lock the supervisor outside of the cleaning area. He likes to make sure things are done well...

Allow supervisor in and while I was cleaning the bathroom, he kept a close watch and pointed out dirty areas to me....

If only he was as good at cleaning as he is supervising!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

DANSA Episode 13

Soalan peraduan DANSA episod 123 ialah


Sila tonton DANSA hari Ahad, 19 April jam 5.30 petang di TV3 untuk jawapannya.
Sila emelkan jawapan anda ke dengan tajuk DANSA - Episod 13 dengan
a) Nama penuh
b) Nombor IC
c) Alamat
d)Nombor handphone atau nombor rumah
e) Size t-shirt yang diingini (size yang ada ialah XS, S, M, XXL)
f) Jika anda ingin buku nota dengan autograf, sila nyatakan
Hadiahnya ialah satu t-shirt dan buku nota dansa

The question for the DANSA - Episode 13 competition is


Watch DANSA on Sunday 19 April at 5.30 pm on TV3 for the answer.

Please email your answers to with the title DANSA - Episode 13 with the following details
a) full name
b) IC number
c) Postal Address
d) Contact number
e) T-shirt size (sizes available XS, S, M, XXL)

Please state if you would like the notebook autographed
The prize is an exclusive DANSA merchandise set consisting of a t-shirt and notebook

CHLOE spring summer fashion preview

Chloe dress, bag and shoes..

more pics from this event coming soon...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

LOEWE fashion show at Lafite

Just two nights ago I attended a really nice dinner at Lafite at the Shangri-La hotel for a dinner hosted by LOEWE and GLAM magazine.

I wore a black Lanvin ruffled dress and I knew if I left my hair down, i would feel like my hair is getting tangled up in the ruffles so I wore my short haired wig. Zairin was there too, looking gorgeous as always...

There was a very small fashion show after the dinner showcasing LOEWE'S latest handbags...

I liked this one with the diamantes the most and I loved the dress the model is wearing. It looks better in real life than in these photos.

And at the end of the evening, we received cute cookies with handbag designs on them and the latest issue of GLAM. Pictures from this event will also be featured in an upcoming issue of GLAM.

I was on my way to the FENDI fashion show..

I was on my way to the FENDI fashion show and really looking forward to it, singing along to Kylie Minogue when suddenly.....BAM!

My car windscreen shattered...

I pulled over to the side of the highway as soon as i could because i could hear it continuing to crack and when i got out the car, the whole thing caved in..

There was glass all over the inside of my car...

Luckily I could contact my brother and he came to my rescue. Called the tow truck for me and everything... awwww... so lucky to have a little brother who looks after me...

In the meantime, I stood by the highway, sweating while wearing my new fendi dress... Sigh... nevermind... life could be worse... i anm just so glad the screen didn't shatter onto me.

The car was repaired but today, problem again... overheated.... sent back to the workshop again..


I'm loving these looks....

I think this look of skinny tailored pants with long loose men's cut jackets which appeared a lot in the chloe and stella mccartney shows looks really cool, chic and smart. Dressed up enough for the office but just a little laid back so that you don't look like you're trying too hard...

Zara has a fantastic range of stuff whic can create this look. all kinds of jackets, pants and looks good with long flowing skirts too...

I want to try this look soon too... I have been wearing fitted jackets and wide leg pants for ages now. always good to try something new.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

DANSA Episode 12

Soalan peraduan DANSA episod 12 ialah


Sila tonton DANSA hari Ahad, 12 April jam 5 petang di TV3 untuk jawapannya.
Sila emelkan jawapan anda ke dengan tajuk DANSA - Episod 12 dengan
a) Nama penuh
b) Nombor IC
c) Alamat
d)Nombor handphone atau nombor rumah
e) Size t-shirt yang diingini (size yang ada ialah XS, S, M, XXL)
f) Jika anda ingin buku nota dan majalah dengan autograf, sila nyatakanHadiahnya ialah satu t-shirt dan buku nota dansa

The question for the DANSA - Episode 12 competition is


Watch DANSA on Sunday 12 April at 5pm on TV3 for the answer.

Please email your answers to with the title DANSA - Episode 12 with the following details
a) full name
b) IC number
c) Postal Address
d) Contact number
e) T-shirt size (sizes available XS, S, M, XXL)

Please state if you would like the notebook and magazine autographed
The prize is an exclusive DANSA merchandise set consisting of a t-shirt and notebook

Sasha jadi gadis geisha - Harian Metro

Lebih menarik sepanjang seminggu menjayakan episod khas di Kyoto, Jepun Sasha turut berpeluang menjadi gadis geisha dan mempelajari tarian kipas.

Dansa rancangan berkonsepkan dokumentari dan penjelajahan ini, sudah ditukar siarannya esok (12 April), jam 5 petang di TV3.

Sewaktu ditemui baru-baru ini Sasha menjelaskan, walaupun usaha untuk menghasilkan episod di Kyoto itu penuh dugaan dan cabaran, dia berasa puas.

“Saya menggemari budaya Jepun kerana ia kaya dengan adat dan tradisi. Walaupun sudah maju, nilai tradisi yang ada tidak ditinggalkan. Masyarakatnya bijak mengimbangkan kedua-dua perkara ini yang dianggap penting sebagai panduan hidup.

“Walaupun kita dan Jepun berada dalam rantau Asia dan memiliki persamaan dalam beberapa perkara membabitkan budaya dan tradisi, namun pembinaan tamadun mereka jauh lebih awal.

“Tidak keterlaluan jika saya katakan Jepun turut menjadi inspirasi kebanyakan penggiat seni. Selain teknologi, mereka turut dihormati dalam bidang muzik, fesyen mahupun video muzik.

“Jepun menjadi ilham kepada banyak perkara, bagaimanapun apabila menyebut mengenai Negara Matahari Terbit itu perkara pertama yang terfikir di kepala saya adalah Geisha dan seni tariannya. Ia dianggap ikon dan mewakili Jepun.

“Penghibur wanita itu dianggap antara perkara penting dalam sejarah masyarakat Jepun,” katanya.

Menceritakan mengenai cabaran yang harus dilakukan katanya, antara perkara yang tidak dapat dilupakan ialah apabila terpaksa berdepan dengan pakaian geisha itu sendiri yang agak berat dan cuba menjiwai watak wanita penghibur.

“Pakaian yang harus dikenakan wanita geisha berlapis tebalnya. Dia juga harus sopan, tahu mengenai muzik dan mahir menari.

“Seorang geisha yang saya lihat di Kyoto, tempat budaya itu berkembang, selalu saja tampil menarik. Malah, guru yang mengajar saya itu juga tidak ketinggalan memakai kimono walaupun untuk keluar seketika.

“Sepanjang seminggu bersama mereka saya diminta sentiasa bergaya dalam salinan tradisi agar apabila membuat persembahan tidak terlalu kekok,” katanya

Cerita Sasha lagi, tarian geisha ini ada pelbagai dan menggunakan alatan berbeza berdasarkan jalan cerita dipersembahkan.

“Hendak diikutkan ada yang menari menggunakan alat muzik tradisi seperti gitar, skaf, payung dan kipas. Saya memilih untuk mempersembahkan tarian menggunakan kipas kerana suka jalan ceritanya.

“Ia mengisahkan wanita yang mencintai seorang anggota tentera dalam diam. Dia tidak dapat meluahkan perasaan secara berdepan dan hanya menyatakan menerusi nyanyian dan persembahan.

“Kipas menjadi objek utama untuk dia menggambarkan perasaan hatinya kepada jejaka disayangi. Setiap gerak ada makna. Itu yang mencabar kemampuan saya. Saya bukan saja perlu bergerak, tetapi harus menunjukkan ekspresi jiwa. Ibaratnya saya perlu berlakon sewaktu menari,” katanya

Kata Sasha lagi tidak seperti tarian biasa, gerakan geisha biasanya tiada pengulangan apatah lagi ia dilakukan secara solo.

“Apabila persembahan dibuat mata semua tertumpu kepada penari dan kesilapan harus dielakkan. Jika perkara itu berlaku bimbang pengertian lain yang akan diterima penonton,” katanya

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fiesta Fesyen Kuala Lumpur (FFKL)

As part of the Fiesta Fesyen Kuala Lumpur event held at the One World Hotel on Monday, I was invited to walk on the catwalk as part of the fashion show featuring creations by our very own Malaysian Designers. I am wearing a design by Aidawati.

Her Majesty Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah's royal presence added elegance to the event.

And Nikki's powerful vocals blew everyone away.

All pictures from Mr Manager's blog.
To see more pics and read more about it, click here.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

GLAM anniversary event - Melium Galleria KLCC

Today at the melium Galleria at KLCC, GLAM magazine launched an exhibition of a collection of their covers in conjunction with their 5 year anniversary. There were so many familiar faces. I could not take photos of everyone, but here are some

"Stand over there, you must take a picture with yourself,' says my friend Zairin

So I stood next to the image of me as part of GLAM's 3 year anniversary cover.
Like the dress? It's Celine. Runway piece Spring Summer 2008 collection. Another one of my warehouse sale bargains. :)

Noryn Aziz sang beautifully.....

The GLAM team cutting the cake in front of photographers.

Below, some of the pictures at the exhibition. The one on the left of Kudsia Kahar was their very first cover.

I love this portrait of Sofea Jane. Elegant, timeless, classic, modern yet vintage.

I don't think I need to tell you who these people are.


Dato Farah Khan & Wirda Adnan (editor of GLAM)

Soo Shea Pin (owner of Anya Hindmarch Malaysia) and Wan Zaleha Radzi.
I love Wan Zaleha's hair.

Monday, April 06, 2009

F1 2009 Sepang


can you believe it?! I still can't!

I was having some lunch when I looked up from my plate and saw him standing in front of my table. I was introduced to him and immediately asked to take a picture with him.

He was so polite, obliging and very easy to talk to. And like his music, totally cool. My friend who is also a big fan asked him "When is your next album coming out?!". "November" he replied.

He loves fast cars and really enjoyed watching the race from the corner of the balcony.

I walked down to the pit area for the tour and couldn't resist taking a picture in front of the name of the best looking F1 driver.

Of course there were lots of cars being moved around. I bet these hard working team members really hate us tourists walking around the pit area, taking up space and with our cameras non stop taking pictures.

These guys look like they are waiting for something much more exciting to happen.

But THIS is my favourite car that is ALWAYS in the F1. THE SAFETY CAR!
Must be so cool to be a safety car driver.

The excitement before the race.

So many members in each team

Taking the tyres away

The cars are ready to go!

The cars stopping because of the rain and my favourite car!

Jason Kay was standing only a few metres away from me when I took this picture, and he was getting wet because of the rain, but he wouldn't move.

I don't actually know why that helicopter was there but it flew over my head many times.

The winners of the race wasting a lot of champagne

Scroll down for videos!