Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Body Shop Absinthe collection

The Body Shop recently released a new range of hand care products called the Absinthe collection.

I have been using the products for about a week now and I love the very fresh scent all of the products have which make me feel like I have very clean hands yet the nice texture of the hand butter and hand cream feels very moisturizing. The small bottle of the purifying hand gel fits very nicely and easily into a hand bag (or in my case baby diaper bag!) so it's easy to use when you need it.

And today I have a special gift for one lucky person.

I have one set of the whole range, yes, all four products to give away !

Just email in to

title - The Body Shop Absinthe Collection
Ic No
Postal Address
Contact Number

All the best!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I met them !

At the recent F1 in Sepang, I was very surprised to meet Queen of Fab Kimora Lee, Desperate housewife and Lois Lane actress Teri Hatcher as well as Josh Hartnett.

Kimora was very friendly with everybody and easily approachable. She was ok for anyone to come up to her and ask for a photo. And she is very tall ! My God! Her height is quite overwhelming.

Teri Hatcher was not as friendly. She mainly stuck to her friends, and when I wanted to take a picture with her, she barely spoke to me. After taking the picture she just turned away. Not interested to mix around at all. And she also looks very thin and old in real life.

Josh hartnett was very easy going. Also like Kimora can just go up to him and ask to take a picture. He was sweating Most of the time. I suppose he's not used to Malaysian humidity !

So true !

My latest Baju tidur from tesco. Good price and comfortable! They have many different colours and different things written on them. I bought so many !

Monday, March 18, 2013

Missing Treasure on Magseven, 19th March 2013

My very first episode for Magseven 2013 will be airing om NTV7 at 7.30 pm on Tuesday the 19th of March. I had a great time shooting Ben Ariffin at his Toy Museum in Penang. Watch it to see how we give voices, characters and bring the toys to life in this episode.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Archie's girls Betty & Veronica by MAC

One of my all time favourite make up brands has come up with another great concept for their new limited edition range. Anyone who is about the same age as me , I'm sure at some point in their childhood read Archie's comics. I remember my brother, sister and myself used to go to a family friend's house and they had hundreds, maybe even thousands of Archie's comics and we used to sit around together and read them for hours and hours !

So when I saw this collection it immediately brought me back to that time in my childhood. Happy memories. The colours in the range reflect the different characters of Betty and Veronica. The Betty range has very natural and sweet colours whereas the Veronica colours are a lot more dramatic. I managed to get the Veronica eyeshadow palette and will be getting the Betty one soon.

I really love the professionalism of the MAC make up artists and Fifiey who was helping me showed me how to use the Veronica eyeshadow palette. I'm hoping I will be able to repeat what she has shown me.

There are also lipsticks, lip gloss, pigments, eyeliners and mascaras in this fun collection so as soon as you can, visit your nearest MAC store to have a look.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

On the red carpet at Bella awards

Hand painted creation by Hyacinthe Kaur.

At the Bella awards now !

Quick pic of the view before I walked on the red carpet and my hair and make up for the night