Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A special Raya card for our vet. - by Lord Derbyshire

As Raya is near, and it's a good opportunity to show friends, family and colleagues we are thinking of them during a festive season, I suggested to Sasha that we should give our vet, Hasnul, a Raya card and some kuih raya.

Sasha told me she wanted to be a vet once too, so she could help animals. One of the main reasons she decided not to pursue it was because she will end up crying at the end of the day, everyday that she worked...because it would break her heart to see animals die, have to tell their owners who love them so much that they need to be put to sleep and / or not be able to help them.

Our vet Hasnul is a very nice man and genuinely loves animals and is so sympathetic to pets and owners when they need it.

So Sasha organised it and before it was sent to him, I made sure she had done a good job by checking what she wrote on our behalf in the card in my office. (yes, I know it's a box, but I consider it my office)

And this is what our card said...

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

Love Lord Derbyshire

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lots of writing..

thousands of words to write, hundreds of hours of visuals and photos to get through.

millions will see the visuals and thousands will read the words

i can't wait to see it and hold it

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When my sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said all I wanted from her was an Elmo soft toy.

And I got one!

I love Elmo. If for some reason you don't know who Elmo is (he was one of the characters on Sesame St), please click here to watch my favourite video of Elmo with Kermit.

This video still makes my sister and I scream with laughter!

I hope it makes you laugh too.... watch it till the end ok! It's less than 3 minutes long...

Episode 6 - 5 JINGGA

Episode 6 of 5 JINGGA is online now.

To watch, just click here

Interview for Babe Bits for gua.com.my

Last week, short interview for 'Babe Bits' on gua.com.my. It was shot in front of the blue screen which makes me wonder what special effects will be done for the background.

Should be online soon and you will find out what the interview was about.

Dress is the Lanvin runway piece I bought recently with Fendi B Belt.


A short video of the Madam of my house, Schizo.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nubhan with clothes from Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton as many know is one of the icons of fashion. The brand has been around for many years, and their luggage goods are still considered one of the most luxurious in the world. They are also one of the most difficult brands to receive clothes from here in Malaysia as they are very selective as to whom they wok with and as they do not sell clothes here, any clothes used for photo shoots are specially flown in. And where was the shoot held? On the Eastern & Oriental Express train....very James Bond!

Which means that the collaboration between Nubhan and LV is a very special one indeed. Above is only one of the pics I took from Mr Manager's blog site. To see the rest, you have to visit his site. Just click here.

The only time I have worn clothes from LV was for the cover of GLAM in 2007.

And all of those clothes were specially flown in too for all of us and then sent out again as soon as the shoot was done.

Well done Mr Manager. Nubhan would never have got this opportunity without you.

Lord Derbyshire on video

For the first time, Lord Derbyshire is here on video!

He is not in a very good mood because Schizo caught a bird and he tried to take it away from her so she growled at him. He has been hanging around the kitchen since in his totally merajuk mood.

If you turn up your speakers you will hear me talking to him too.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New posting on 'Style with Sasha'

To read new posting on 'Style with Sasha' titled Golden Age of Couture,
just click here

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Episode 1 - 5 of 5 JINGGA online

To watch episodes 1 - 5 of 5 JINGGA online,
just click here

(Special note for Margarita - please get my brother to watch the end of part 2 and the beginning of part 3 of Episode 5. Why? Because the way I say "LOSER!" was inspired by him and I get orange juice thrown at me)

Victoria Beckham dress collection debut

Victoria Beckham is really forging ahead with her dream to be a respected designer and just recently at New York fashion week she showcased her collection of dresses, along with a new hair cut which looks quite cute... part pixie like Tinkerbell and Audrey Hepburn.

Pics of the dresses from her collection are below..






Generally I like all of them. The ones I like the most have a star underneath the photo. Again, this collection is not cheap with prices starting at 650 pounds. Only 400 pieces to be made (not sure if that is for each design of in total). One person who I think will look stunning in these dresses and I think who we will eventually see wearing them is Dita von Teese. What I personally love most about the designs is the length of the skirt. I think below the knee length is so elegant. But one too many nasi lemaks and you can't wear these designs. And your body needs to be really proportioned. My body is not really well proportioned so I don't know if I would be able to wear them. I would love to see them in real life to look at the tailoring.

Some fashion editors are giving her fabulous reviews, others are telling her to get over herself.

I say good for you, this is something you want to do and so many people do not have the guts to do what they would like to in their life. She will never be free from criticism, but she will always be around, and I think that's great.

Fashion fairy god mother, my list is starting to become incredibly long isn't it. :)

Photo shoots...

One of my earlier postings I wrote about how I bought a top hat to wear for a photo shoot.

Today was that photo shoot and it was for the October issue of Passions magazine.

The dress I'm wearing in the photo above is my grandmother's wedding dress and the dress is 58 years old! The blue rhinestone earrings are from Covent Garden markets in London.

But I'm not the only one in my household who loves photo shoots. Check out these shots of the little photo shoot I did with the one and only Lord Derbyshire!

A totally VOGUE pose!
If there was a cat's edition of Vogue magazine, I think the above pic would make a great cover shot!

termenung apa entah....

the hunter's pose...

A 'don't mess with me' macho pose..

terpelanting penat pose...

Pandai juga lah Lord Derbyshire ni berposing kan!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My picks from the new Kate Moss Top Shop collection

But none of them are that cheap. According to topshop.com, the average price is 50 - 150 pounds.... which is about RM 300 - 900.

I visited the Prada boutique at KLCC the other day to have a look at the black lace Prada range. They do have some pieces, but I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the prices.

Me : I love this collection but the prices are insane! When is your sale and what is the maximum discount here?

Salesgirl : Probably December, and maximum discount is 40%.

Me : No 80% discount ah?

Salesgirl : (she laughs politely) unfortunately, no.... but 40% is a good discount...

Me : Still unaffordable. Nevermind, can you call me when this range goes on discount. Manalah tahu, I murah rezeki and boleh beli...

Salesgirl : Sure... I have never seen you in our boutique before. What brought you here?

Me : This lace collection...

Salesgirl : I see....anything ese you are interested in?

Me : No... just that...on 80% discount!

Fashion fairy godmother, help me!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Alber Elbaz of Lanvin collaborates with Acne Jeans

The genius designer, Alber Elbaz of LANVIN whose designs I am now trying to buy as much as possible as I can has collaborated on a collection with cult denim brand Acne jeans. The collection is due out in November and from what I read online, it is to be stocked in both Lanvin and Acne Jeans shops as well as Barney's and Bergdof Goodman. I doubt LANVIN in KL will stock it. Their range here is not very good. Maybe in Singapore....

But it seems the prices are not going to be more affordable than LANVIN clothes... may even be about the same!!! AAAAARGH!

I'm not too sure what I like from this collection yet...and I want to try everything on.

Kate Moss Top Shop new collection is coming out on Tuesday in the UK, which is almost Wednesday for us here. Can't wait to see it online at topshop.com. I'm sure there will be at least one thing I like from the collection. I'm sure it will take a while for the collection to arrive in KL and even then, don't know which pieces.

So much stuff, so little money...

But like I've said before I am very patient... :) most things end up on sale somewhere...
Just need to find out where...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Today, 8th of September, is my 28th birthday.

Last night I completely finished shooting 5 Jingga and as everyone was clapping and cheering while the director was giving her thank you speech, I was sitting in the corner quietly, like I always do when I finish a project..... There is a happiness because the job is done, but also a sadness cause we are saying good bye to our time together.

I thanked the director, Ngai Yuen, who cast me for the role of Melly for the opportunity. 5 JINGGA is my first tv drama and I have learnt so much from the experience. I look forward to being involved with more projects with her.

I also said bye to the poor girl who Melly makes life miserable for.

"I really don't mean all of those horrible things I say to you, you know!" I say to Saleha.

"I know! There is a big difference between Melly and Sasha!" she replies

Knowing that in a few hours I would be another year older, it also made me think about my life up until this point and wonder what the future holds.

So how will I be celebrating my birthday? With the people who mean the most to me... my family..

My greatest regret is that I know I will never live long enough to do all the things I want to do as I have so many interests and there is so much to learn in this world. My greatest hope is that I have many, many birthdays so I can try to at least experience most of them.

Friday, September 05, 2008

To my dear Fashion Fairy Godmother....

To my dear fashion fairy godmother,

Firstly, thank you so much for the little treasures I found at the warehouse sale recently! As you know black dresses have always been my favourite wardrobe item. I have well over 20 black dresses now! I need to ask you a little favour though....

I have never noticed Prada's designs before but the black lace pieces in the current collection have really caught my attention. While I was in Paris recently, I was lucky enough to try on the black lace dress that Christy Turlington (model on far right) and Claudia Schiffer is wearing in the picture above from their article with Vanity Fair.

The cost of the dress is about my 3 months salary.... Making it impossible for me to afford it. My petrol cost has doubled in the past 5 years. Ouch! But the lace is so beautiful. Entirely hand made in Italy is what the sales person told me.

So, I'm hoping you will be able to wave your magic wand and enable me to somehow get the dress as well as the skirt and jacket that Linda Evangelista is wearing (model second from right) at a price I can afford... 80% of like my Lanvin and Chloe dress would be great! They are timeless and classic pieces I could wear forever.

As you know, I am a very patient person. I also don't mind picking pieces up from the floor at warehouse sales.

Another option is that since it's my birthday on Monday (8th of September), maybe I could get it then?!

Ok .... Ok... I'm dreaming...

Actually, all I want for my birthday is Kinokuniya book vouchers. There is a long list of fashion books I want to add to my personal library so a whole heap of book vouchers would be just perfect! If everyone I knew gave me just a RM5 voucher, I would be able to buy a really nice book.

Til I find my next fashion bargain, take care!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My first runway pieces!

As far as I know, runway pieces, or the designs that are worn by the models on the runways in a designer's fashion show are collectable pieces because they all form part of a jigsaw puzzle of the overall look and feel of the concept of the designer's show for that season.

I do have accessories that have appeared on a runway, like my Dior D trick bag and appeared in ad campaigns like my Stuart Weitzman shoes and Coach charm necklace, but up until a week ago, no clothes in my wardrobe were runway pieces.

Thanks to a friend of mine who is just as obsessed about clothes as I am who told me about a big warehouse sale while I was overseas and a little help from my fashion fairy godmother, I am now the proud owner of two runway pieces!

One of them is this Lanvin dress from the Fall / Winter 07 / 08 collection.

This model must be about 4 inches taller than me cause this design falls below the knee on me. The sleeves remind me of an origami folding and can be really puffed up or pulled down for a more subtle look. The way the dress has been crafted is an art. I much prefer this dress when I wear a belt with it though. Adds just a little more character to it.

The other one is this dress from Chloe's Fall / Winter 07/08 collection.

It's really beautifully made. The lining is silk and the print is a work of art. It's known as the 'secret garden' dress because of the print. This dress is especially special because it also featured in the season's ad campaign, modelled by Shalom Harlow.

Again, somehow on me, this dress looks better with a belt.

Now let me tell you a little bit about this sale. It was madness in there! There were clothes everywhere. There were many beautiful runway pieces on sale that were just dropped onto the floor and tossed onto clothes rails. It looked like a bomb had gone off in a clothes storeroom. The queue to the changing room was so long that many impatient women just started taking off their clothes in the middle of the hall without even bothering to go into the changing room. At one point I was looking at a rail of clothes only to turn around to see a woman wearing only her underwear, standing next to me looking through a pile of clothes..

I was a little more discreet. I had to play a bit of a guessing game. I tried everything on top of my pants and t shirt and had to 'guess' if they fit properly and looked good. Thankfully, I have tried on enough clothes to have a good idea to what works and doesn't work on me. When I got back home later, everything was ok...

Now I'm just waiting for a chance to wear them! I am so excited about having these pieces in my wardrobe... thank you fashion fairy godmother... I bought both of them at about 80% discount!