Monday, March 31, 2008

She's back....

First I heard the car. Then I heard her voice. She's back! She's back!

I ran towards her despite my injured paw. Where have you been?! Why have you been away so long?! I kept miaowing at her as loudly and as much as possible.

"My poor little one! I've missed you so much! I've been away working so I can have money to look after you as well as Schizo, Joberg and Tippex."

Not long after, she forced that stupid pill down my throat which is supposed to help heal my paw. I hate medicine! Give me tandoori chicken instead!

And yet again, she will have to go away again soon..... What a shame Joberg hates me playing with her tail. That keeps me amused while Sasha is away....

Yours Sincerely,
Lord Derbyshire

Sunday, March 30, 2008

back in the office.....

Ah... so nice to be back in the office...

Can't wait to get home and check on my cats. Now it seems Lord Derbyshire has hurt his leg and is limping around on 3 legs.... Aduh.. never ending dramas lah these cats!

Will update more soon...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boarding plane...

I'm at an airport now and as I write this I can hear them announcing that my flight is now ready for boarding. Yay!!! In a few hours, I will be at home and see my Schizo, Joberg, Tippex and Lord Derbyshire. Now my sister tells me that Schizo has been very moody the past few days.

And within less than 24 hours, I will be in a completely different location again.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kenal dia tak?

Zul (technician) - Eh Man... You kenal tak budak tu yang muka dia kat cover Jelita tu?

Man (cameraman) - Tak kenal lah.... dia tu siapa?

Zul - I pun tak kenal sangat sebenarnya...

Fadli (director) - Pada I, muka dia familiar sikit lah... Sasha, kalau you pakai make up sikit, I rasa muka you boleh nampak macam dia tau....!

Just another day on location with funny crew....... :)

Monday, March 24, 2008


I don't feel so sick in my stomach anymore, but I am so craving my favourite avocado accents salad at Marmalade. As I was shooting today, the weather was so hot and humid, the sweat was running down my back like a waterfall. And my feet feel raw from moving around on uneven wood flooring. But tomorrow, I get to dress up and I saw what I will be wearing today and I've never worn this outfit before and I think it looks beautiful so of course, I can't wait!
I hope my 4 furry 'babies' (my cats) are all ok. I need to buy some tandoori chicken for Lord Derbyshire when I get back.
I am so tired now. I can't wait to take all this make-up off and get into bed. I actually don't enjoy wearing make up. Unfortunately, not only is it necessary, it's pretty much compulsory.
More updates soon!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Location update..

I finished shooting at my last location and arrived a few hours ago at my current location of shooting. I have spent all day travelling. First it was a 2 hour drive down a winding road which made me feel like throwing up. Then it was a flight on a plane with a transit. The flight was slightly bumpy which made me feel like throwing up again. Then when we arrived, we found out there had been a slight mix up in our hotel room reservations and therefore they had no rooms available for us. We tried a few other hotels and many are fully booked. Thank goodness we finally found one which can accomodate all of us.
Location shoots are very unpredictable. Thank goodness everyone on the production team has a great sense of humour! I may be the only girl in this production, but I am looked after so well by them. Sometimes I think they actually manja me too much! I feel like I have 4 bodyguards!
This is location number 4. Nine more to go....
Many more challenges ahead of us...

Monday, March 17, 2008

An update from Lord Derbyshire....

As I'm sure Sasha told you, I have not been well the past few days. Her mum and sister had to take me to the vet while she was away. Hasnul the vet gave them some horrible antibiotics to keep giving me for a few days. I hate it! I do everything I can to scratch whoever is the idiot that tries to force it down my throat. So far everyone has been scratched at least once. Well, I'm feeling much better now. Everyone realises this cause I have started bullying Joberg again. If only she would just play with me then it wouldn't be considered bullying. Oh, and Schizo still hates me.

Sasha bought a new CD today. It's her friend, Ning's latest album called EastToWest. She has been playing it non stop since she got it. It's got a really cool electronica sound to it. Sasha asked me to tell you that when you buy a copy of this CD make sure you only buy original!

Sasha is going away again tomorrow. She's only been back for a very short time. She says it's just all part of this project she's working on. She said in a few months it should be on tv and I can see why she's had to be away from me so much.

I hope someone gives me some tandoori chicken while she is away...... Yum Yum... my favourite!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

my poor Lord Derbyshire..

While I was away my sister told me that my Lord Derbyshire is sick. Throwing up, not eating, not interested in anything. I was so worried. He seemed happy to see me when I got back today. I went out and bought some chicken to cook for him. He ate everything out of my hands while I watched CSI. I wanted to give him his favourite - tandoori chicken - but I think I'll wait til he's a bit better before I give that to him. My poor baby... he could probably tell you about the F1 races today cause he watched them all afternoon.

The new season of CSI has started off interesting enough. Sara Sidle is found out in the desert. She survives thank goodness. At least I don't have to endure an episode like the one in CSI NY where Aidan is murdered. And Sara and Grissom have come out with their relationship. I'm interested to see how Danny and Lindsay's relationship develops in CSI NY.

And you see this dress designed by Jovovich Hawk and worn by Milla Jovovich and Victoria Beckham called the Iggy dress in the picture below...

Well I have the exact same dress too! Haven't had a chance to wear it yet. I was lucky to be able to buy it at a very cheap price. But I will style it differently to how Victoria and Milla have worn it. I'm thinking a black pencil skirt worn under it, very high heels and either my black velvet beret or black sequinned beret.

Another heavy two weeks of travelling coming up. My producer and director has warned us as a team that there is going to be a lot of travelling via planes, cars and probably boats too to get to all of the locations we need to.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

An update from location shoot..

Finished first day of shooting. All went well. We really hope it doesn't rain tomorrow because we need to shoot outdoors all day. And now I have a head ache and I don't know why. I drank my usual 1.5 litres of water so I don't get dehydrated and I ate more than enough..... Maybe I just need a good sleep. I wish my cats were with me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The long road ahead...

Starting this week, I will be travelling pretty much non-stop for 6 weeks, with the breaks in between being long enough for me to come home, change the clothes in my suitcase and I will be off again. I'm going to miss my cats terribly. Everytime I walk into my hotel room, I wish they were there to greet me.

I had to go shopping today. Not for clothes, shoes or jewellery (I wish though!) but for two sets of toiletries. During my travelling season, I have one set of full toiletries, everything from make-up remover to perfume in my suitcase permanently which does not get unpacked until shooting season is completely over. The other set is in my bathroom at home.

I'm so glad that I'm part of a production team that gets along great with each other and we've had many adventures and misadventures together. Having a close knit production team that genuinely enjoys each others company makes travelling together and facing all of the unexpected challenges that do crop up all the more easier to handle.

I'm thankful I have 2 seasons of shooting travel shows behind me already cause if I didn't there is no way I could handle this project.

I will be buying little things along the way which I will be using as prizes for competitions I will be holding here on his site, like what I did with Beauty Secrets from the East Season 3.

You're going to love it!

I cannot wait til this project is launched! Then you will understand why this is all an unbelievable dream come true....

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Looks like Lord Derbyshire!

Don't you think this cat looks like my little Lord Derbyshire?!

It's a female cat and she has an amazing story. Read the article that came out about her on

Kitten survives trip in shipping crate

CLEVELAND - A scrawny, black and white female kitten has apparently survived a trip across the Pacific Ocean and North America inside a shipping crate. Cleveland Animal Protective League Executive Director Sharon Harvey says a Cleveland company that received the crate of spooled steel coil Friday found the kitten inside one the spools.

Harvey says the mother cat and other kittens found in the crate were dead. The crate came to Samsel Supply Co. from Singapore. It was sealed Feb. 4 and shipped three days later.

The approximately 12-week-old kitten has been checked by a veterinarian and has responded well to being fed.

It will be kept in quarantine for about three weeks to make sure it doesn't pass any infectious disease to other animals.


And while I was doing my routine jog the other evening, I saw my next door neighbour...

Neighbour - Do you have another new cat? A small black and white one?

Me - Yes I do..Let me guess, he was in your garden...

Neighbour - Actually he was in my house. I heard a sound and suddenly I saw him scratching my carpet...

Me - Oh my God!!! I'm soooooooo sorry! You should have just smacked him!

Neighbour - It's ok. He's quite cute actually!

I was so embarrassed. I had to have a little chat with the Lord.

Me - Lord Derbyshire... It is VERY unbecoming of a Lord to go to other people's houses and scratch their carpets!

All I got in return was a blank expression that was asking me "What's up with you?"

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Euro Cup launch...

Two weeks ago I went to One World Hotel for the launch of Media Prima announcing their official coverage of the Euro Cup 2008. As part of the night's activities, there was face painting and the kids absolutely loved having their faces painted.

Tabah and I made sure we didn't miss out either.

After the function was over, I went home and my cousin's little girl, Aryssha was at my house. She was wearing pink slippers but her top was orange. I think she realised it didn't quite match so she looked at my shoes to see if there was any she could borrow. Sorry! I don't have any orange shoes!
Aryssha absolutely loves cats too. She kept asking to see them so I took her to be introduced to Lord Derbyshire.

Me : Would you like to give him some food?

Aryssha : OK......

So I give her the tupperware with the cat food in it and she gives some to him.

Aryssha : Water?

Smart girl. Cats need both food and water, just like us.

I always love it when I see children be affectionate and compassionate towards animals....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Katie Holmes...

It is common practice during a photo shoot for the photographer, stylist, art director and writer to bring magazines and pictures of images that are inspirations for the shoot of the day. In my most recent photo shoot there was one table in the photo studio full of pictures that were assembled to give everyone who was working on the shoot an idea of the mood, feel and look for the shoot. It could be anything. A painting, a cartoon, a drawing, a fashion spread.... It is my responsibility as well to look at these photos so I know what the stylist, photographer and art director would like me to do in front of the camera.

There were over 30 pictures on this table. I looked at all of them. But the pictures which I just fell in love with were the ones of Katie Holmes in her recent In Style photo shoot.

I just stared and stared at these photos of her for ages.

There is something so elegant and timeless about these photos. And I prefer her hair more natural like this. Her body looks so toned as well. Makes me wonder how has she been working out.

At the gym I go to, there are several health and fitness magazines which the trainer Abang Man and myself fondly refer to as 'the body catalogues'. We have spent so much time looking at the various men and women in these magazines with their unbelievably fit, strong and firm bodies. I don't really like the look of those extreme body builders, but I have the greatest respect and admiration for them because I can only imagine the pain, sweat, dieting, sacrifice and the way they have obsessed themselves into achieving their bodies.

Me - "Wah! Abang Man! Tengok kaki perempuan ni! Macam mana dia dapat toning macam ni? I boleh order tak? I nak bicep dengan shoulder macam dia ni pula. Boleh?! Bila dah tempah, berapa lama I kena tunggu sampai I dapat?"

Abang Man-"tempahlah apa-apa you nak dari "catalogue' tu! You rajin datang gym, you boleh tahan diet, you pun boleh dapat macam tu! Rajin ke tak rajin eje...Untuk dia orang dapat badan macam tu, dia orang pun suffer tau. You ingat you seorang eje ke? Bila you buat, you konsisten, dapatlah result. You yang untung, bukan orang lain. Jangan risau. Buat eje..."

That's what I like about Abang Man. He makes you feel like you can achieve anything. The only thing you need is your own will power. And the best thing about working out, is that when you put in all the hard work, you are the one who receives the benefits. Not anyone else. In many ways, it is very fair.

I think I'll print these pictures out and show them to Abang Man at the gym today....

Tippex teaching Lord Derbyshire..

Tippex : "Hey you, little one. Why are you being all lovey dovey with the humans around here?"

Lord Derbyshire : "Isn't that we're supposed to do? Be all manja-manja with them so they look after us?"

Tippex : No lah! You only need to be manja-manja with them so they bring you home. Be nice for a while, then after that, just be all manja-manja and cute when you want food! Let me tell you, you're safe here now. They are not going to send you back to wherever it is you came from. Just chill! Be your own cat!

I am convinced the above conversation took place between Lord Derbyshire and his Abang Tippex. Let me tell you why. Lord Derbyshire has been hanging out with Tippex a lot, following him around, sleeping on the chair next to him, I assume Tippex is teaching him how to live life as a domestic cat. When I first found Lord Derbyshire, I had no problems at all carrying him back to my car. He just sat quietly in my arms. Now, I can barely hold him for a few seconds and he wants me to put him down. Same thing happened to Tippex. When my brother took him out of the cage at the animal shelter, he dug his claws into my brother's shirt and started rubbing his face into my brother, basically begging us to take him home. Once he settled in here, he refused to be carried anymore.

These animals are some kind of con artists!

A question...

I'm 20 and my height is 157cm something. I used to be thin with my weight at 45kg. But recently I gained so much weight and I'm now 65 kg. I've been on a diet for 5 weeks and I already lost 6kgs. But now the problem is that I feel like my skin is not firm anymore. You know, lembik! I'm so worried about that. it is obvious. so how? can u help me?

Firstly, congratulations on losing 6kgs in 5 weeks! How did you do that?! I hope it was done through healthy eating. I can understand your frustration. I think to help your skin, you need to do lots of muscle firming exercises like weights and swimming is great. Usually skin hangs because you're losing weight but not exercising. There are plenty of websites and fitness magazines with exercises you can do to help tone up.

I hope this helps!

Monday, March 03, 2008

A photo shoot, a launch and a new book...

The photo shoot this morning went well. I loved the clothes, the hair and make up was nice... I can't wait to see the final results! It will only be out in the magazine in May or June, which is still quite a while away, but I will let you know when it's out! Sorry I can't share any more with you at the moment!

Tonight was also the launch for this year's Cameronian Arts Awards. I am so honoured to have been invited to present an award to one of the winners this year. I'm not sure which category yet though. I'm not too worried about that. What I am worried about is what to wear though, because tonight they announced the theme for this year's awards. SUPERHEROES!

I really have nooooooooo idea what I'm going to wear!!!! Help!!! Any suggestions????!!!!!

After the launch, I headed to the nearest bookshop to buy the long awaited book - Dua Dunia Satu Cinta - the official wedding book of Ning and Omar's wedding.

I showed my pictures in the book to Schizo...

And Lord Derbyshire was interested to have a look too.....

I want to congratulate the team that put the book together. The photos are fabulous, the layout is so clean and easy to look at and the poems throughout are so sweet. Well done, everyone!

Go and buy this book quick before it's sold out!

I can't wait for Ning's new album to be fully released too. If her first single "Age of Pollution" is anything to go by, her album is going to be fantastic! I have heard the single played several times on local radio and I love it.

I'm still scratching my head about this SUPERHEROES theme..... !#!@$#$^$%&%^*%&*.......

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Favourite pic from March's Jelita magazine

To my international readers who can't buy Jelita overseas and have requested me to share with you here my favourite picture from the article, here it is.

See what I mean about how the dress is gorgeous?! I love the puffed sleeves.

Better get to sleep now, tomorrow morning I have another photo shoot for a another magazine. As always, I'm looking forward to it!