Sunday, March 16, 2008

my poor Lord Derbyshire..

While I was away my sister told me that my Lord Derbyshire is sick. Throwing up, not eating, not interested in anything. I was so worried. He seemed happy to see me when I got back today. I went out and bought some chicken to cook for him. He ate everything out of my hands while I watched CSI. I wanted to give him his favourite - tandoori chicken - but I think I'll wait til he's a bit better before I give that to him. My poor baby... he could probably tell you about the F1 races today cause he watched them all afternoon.

The new season of CSI has started off interesting enough. Sara Sidle is found out in the desert. She survives thank goodness. At least I don't have to endure an episode like the one in CSI NY where Aidan is murdered. And Sara and Grissom have come out with their relationship. I'm interested to see how Danny and Lindsay's relationship develops in CSI NY.

And you see this dress designed by Jovovich Hawk and worn by Milla Jovovich and Victoria Beckham called the Iggy dress in the picture below...

Well I have the exact same dress too! Haven't had a chance to wear it yet. I was lucky to be able to buy it at a very cheap price. But I will style it differently to how Victoria and Milla have worn it. I'm thinking a black pencil skirt worn under it, very high heels and either my black velvet beret or black sequinned beret.

Another heavy two weeks of travelling coming up. My producer and director has warned us as a team that there is going to be a lot of travelling via planes, cars and probably boats too to get to all of the locations we need to.


Anonymous said...

hi sasha...where did u buy the dress from? me likey !


butterbrownie said...

yea sasha where did u get the dress at a cheap price ? do let me know.can i get other brands too..;)

Anonymous said...

i wanna see you wearing it..!!! XD

-f-l-o- said...

Milla wore the dress while the dress wore Posh. :)