Thursday, November 14, 2013

Aster spring advent calendar

When I was a child, I loved the advent calendars you could buy and behind any little window waiting to be opened there was a chocolate waiting to be eaten. 

But today I much prefer beauty product ones and Aster Spring has just launched their beauty advent calendar. 

Everyday leading up to Christmas, you open up one little window and enjoy an unexpected surprise behind. 

It is already available at aster spring centers. For purchases of RM 2800 and above you will receive one of these advent calendars for free. With any purchase of RM 1800.00 though you can purchase it for RM 188.00 

The value of the beauty products in this gorgeous calendar is RM 1155.00

Will share with you what I get behind each window. But if you want your own, better hurry cause this is an exclusive limited edition item. 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

My new Tumi bag !

Made a trip to the Tumi store at Pavillion today to pick up my new Tumi bag ! I was so excited to get it ! And the best part is that you can also choose to have your bags personalized with initials or your name (as long as not more than five letters) onto the tag. I chose the letters to be in silver. It only takes half an hour to do it in the store. Once you choose the colour and finalize the name, they can begin.  It's a beautifully made leather bag and I am already using it. I wish I could get everything from this range in the store. I really love the embossing on the bag. Adds a really nice texture to it. 

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tumi launch in Penang

As part of the launch of the latest Tumi store at Paragon Mall in Penang, I was invited by Tumi to create something new and totally different out of their signature ballistic nylon fabric. 

Since it was going to be held in Penang I immediately thought of the beautiful Peranakan architecture and style I love so much so decided to design and make a children's playhouse inspired by peranakan style.

After many many MANY hours of cutting squares and little flowers, this is the final result ! 

The floor part of this creation is made up of 1200 squares and there are about 200 little flowers all around it. 

If you are looking for long lasting, sturdy and stylish travel bags, you must visit a Tumi store. In KL there are stores at Suria KLCC and Pavillion. 

Halloween look

I experimented a little bit this year with Halloween style make up. While on my recent cruise trip there was a Halloween party so i went as a witch. Easy look to create. A black dress. A witches hat. To create this look I put white eyeshadow all over my face, black eyeliner to line lips then added lip gloss to give a bit of a shine. Contouring on cheek bones was done with grey eyeshadow. Eyebrows thickened and darkened with black eyeshadow and eyelids darkened with grey and black eyeshadow. Very easy to do but quite striking. I like to think its a kind of an elegant witch. Hahhaahhaah ! To create a more wicked witch of the west from the wizard of oz look, can use green eyeshadow on the face. Hmmmm, I might try that look next year ! 

Selamat Awal Muharam !

To all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, Selamat Awal Muharam. May we all continue to experience love, peace and harmony in or lives. 

Monday, November 04, 2013

Happy deepavali !

Our Deepavali look this year. Matching in red.