Monday, December 27, 2010

Flynnder and Tanger are friends now !

I am so happy to see that they play together now.
Flynnder is a bit too rough sometimes but in a few months time,
Tanger will be a lot bigger and stronger!

Leaving Frankfurt

Video taken from aeroplane window as plane is taking off from frankfurt

De-icing a plane

Airport ground staff using some kind of liquid chemical to de-ice aeroplanes so they can fly

Saturday, December 25, 2010

frohe weihnachten (merry christmas in german)

my reebok shoes which can even tahan in the snow!

tickets to go and watch circus

snow everywhere

snow feels like ice kacang when you hold it!
the fur coat i'm wearing makes me feel like a bear.

so a mat salleh recipe for ice kacang is
1) a lot of fresh snow
2) gula melaka
3 ) sirap
4) condensed milk



Es ist kalt hier

(translation from german - it's cold here )

Monday, December 20, 2010

lots of stories...

hi everyone...

I haven't written about anything that has been happening with me for a while... things have been both good and bad...

on the 11th of december, the highland towers disaster documentary first aired on the history channel. my mother and i were interviewed for it. eventhough it has been 17 years since it happened, it still brings back a lot of painful memories.

the documentary has been very well done, i think it covers all aspects of the tragedy.

what i found difficult to watch the most was the footage they had of the bodies being taken out on the last day. of course, i never saw that then, but to see it now, it's just as shocking. to think that it could have been my mother and sister's body being pulled if they hadn't run out.

i stopped breathing many times during the documentary. still speechless by it all.

while i was watching it, my two kittens that live with me and my husband were running around and i remember thinking i am so lucky to have survived highland towers with no loss of any of my family members and eventhough it's hard sometimes, i must continue to do my best and work hard in my life. (try and watch the documentary when you can. channel 555 on astro)

so the next day which was sunday, i started working seriously on my next dansa book which is due to be launched in february next year. my designer, photographer and i don't have much time to work with so we are doing the best we can.

i stayed up all night on sunday night, did the contents layout, started choosing pictures for some of the chapters, and the whole time, the two kittens, tiramisu and flynnder sat with me. i really enjoyed their company that night.

Flynnder is the black and white one, Tiramisu is the cream and brown one.

monday afternoon, i was making dinner plans with my family and my brother wanted to come to my house and see my kittens. that's when i realised, i had not seen tiramisu in a while. i started looking.... and looking...

for a week, my family and i did everything to try and find her. we printed posters, put on neighbours cars, spoke to guards and gardeners..... every chance i could, i would go out looking for her...

then sunday morning about lunch time, my door bell rings. one of the security guards said to me,

'excuse me miss, i think your cat is inside there because there is a bad smell...'

he pointed to the TNB meter reading box...

I felt sick and called my husband to go and check..

i waited inside my house then my husband came and told me,
'i'm sorry darling, it's tiramisu. she got electrocuted in the TNB box.
she's been dead a few days...'

i couldn't even cry.... i was toooooo upset... about two hours later, TNB workers came to shut down the meter, removed little tiramisu's body and was buried in our little garden.

so if you have a TNB box near your house and you have cats, please put stone or rocks underneath it so your cat can't get in it.

Tiramisu's sister Flynnder is not used to being on her own so I knew I had to get her a new friend. I tried to go to PAWS animal shelter yesterday but it was raining so heavily
I decided not to go.

Late last night, I decided to go to shops near my house to get something. I was just about to go home when I heard a little sound behind me..

' miaow miaow...'

before i turned around i thought to myself , ' are you kidding me?! what is it with me and cats?! do i find them or do they find me?! '

sure enough, i turned around and i saw this little thing...

sigh.... i took it as jodoh for me to find this cat... the staff in coffee bean told me they had been looking after the cat all day and they didn't know what to do.

so i brought him home. his name is tangier. very thin, i took him to vet this morning. gave him medicine and got him cleaned up. flynnder is not very happy at the moment but i hope in time they will become friends.

and today i received first look and feel of the new dansa book and so far i like it. it will be slightly different from the first one, i believe we should always try and improve ourselves.

I am very proud to share with you as well that i did a special edition of the first dansa book, featuring only Malaysian dances for Malaysia Tourism. A new cover was designed for it too. This book is not available in bookstores as it is a special edition.

So theoretically, i am working on my third book now.... :) i never thought that would happen...

so as you see, things have been good and bad, and i have been on an emotional rollercoaster ride the last 10 days...

but that's life right? up and down, up and down.... and all around.... but we must be strong...

anyway, it's coming up to the end of the year and everyone i know is kind of in a holiday mood, and hoping and praying for a better, healthier and happier 2011.

I wish the same for everyone...

Now back to work... More pictures to go through... :)

Take care everyone... spend as much time as you can with your family and friends, and love your cats... we really don't know how long we have...

Love Sasha :)

for women who love men and cats!

this is funny!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shiseido Giveaway!


After promising you readers another competition, here it is!

3 sets of the above is available to be won.

Each set consists of Shiseido mascara, lip gloss, eye colour, lipstick and concealer.

For a chance to win, please email

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winners will be picked at random!

good luck!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Just arrived in a place called Toraja. took us 11 hours to get here. Uneven roads, driving through hills with lots of sharp turns in the road. I slept most of the way so I wouldn't get car sick!

I love the traditional houses here though. Very ornate detailing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

It's not really a secret that I love what Alber Elbaz designs for Lanvin.

And he just launched a special collection in collaboration with H&M.

A big thank you to my sister I managed to get a few dresses from this collection.

Can you guess which ones? :)

This is the mini movie commercial created for the collection.

By the way, the collection sold out online in less than two hours and at the stores, shoppers were only allowed in batches for a maximum duration of about 10 minutes.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Dansa II crew in Macau

Michael Jackson Gallery at Sofitel Hotel, Macau

To all Michael Jackson fans, there is a gallery of items on display at the Michael Jackson Gallery at the Sofitel Hotel in Macau. Lots of signed items which from what I understand, the owner of the Sofitel Hotel went to the auction and won the auction for the items on display and he is trying to buy more items. Above are two videos I took at the gallery. When the Dansa II crew and I visited the place, we just stood and watched the videos showing on a big screen for almost half an hour. His work still has the power to make people stop and watch.

There was also a Billie Jean inspired walkway that lit up showing his different album covers.

I felt so sad (again!) that he has now left us.

And I still can't watch the 'This Is It' documentary.
I will probably cry.

Macau Garden

video of kaleidocope effect taken at macau museum

Monday, November 01, 2010

macau tower

short video taken while at observation deck at macau tower

some more pics from macau

above picture taken at the Ruins of St Paul,
one of the most iconic landmarks of Macau

these pictures were taken in 'the bubble',
which is a dome shaped theatre
the audience stands in while images are projected onto the screen

pics from macau tower

two more from hard rock hotel!

costume details from portugese dance