Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dansa II episodes on

Hi everyone!

I know with everyone's busy lives,

it's hard to be in front of the tv at a certain time.

Which is why online tv is so great!

To watch Dansa II episodes online, go to,

register as a user then search for Dansa 2 and you should find it.

And for those who haven't, look for

'Dansa by Sasha Bashir'

on facebook and 'like it' for regular updates. :)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Absolutely gorgeous!

You must watch this video. It is of an amazing technology where they project images onto a building and create amazing visuals. This was done for a Ralph Lauren event. I absolutely love it.

Monday, April 04, 2011

KL Lifestyle - April 2011 issue

A very big thank you to KL Lifestyle! April 2011 issue is my third cover with them. They have always been so supportive of me.... Thank you so much.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hot Magazine - Issue 168 - page 64 - 65

easy style....

I really loved the Jil Sander Spring Summer 2011 collection that showed easy glamour....
simple white t-shirt with a long coloured skirt...

i have had a long emerald green skirt sitting in my wardrobe for the past few years, not too sure how to wear it... now i know!

and on my last visit to Zara, bright colours are everywhere and this jil sander collection and the prada collection from the same season (which i love too!) has inspired a lot of the looks...

so easy glamour is within reach! a simple t-shirt and a long skirt... and stripes with anything.. :)

what flynnder did to my teddy bear...

flynnder loves this teddy, but she obviously has been playing a bit rough...
the arm has come off, one eye is missing and the nose is coming unstitched....