Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cats, Cats, Cats

I love animals... My siblings and I loved visiting my grandparents house in Australia when we were young kids because they had so many!! Cats, dogs, goats and even a parrot at one stage...
Growing up, we desperately wanted pets. It was only a year ago that our child hood dreams were fulfilled. We're not even kids anymore... but that doesn't matter, we're just so happy to have two cats now!
The first one we got was Schizo... She's white with two spots on her body. Believe me, she is very opinionated! She was abandoned by probably owners who couldn't put up with her little personality in front of a pet shot in TTDI. My friend found her and gave her to us. I chose her name... she was the cutest little kitten who never kept still!!!
After having her a few months, my siblings and I decided she needed company of her own.. another cat! Then I found little Kira. Small all black cat with only a little bit of white fur under his 'arm pits'. He loves climbing into all kinds of funny places.. he was really skinny and had uneven fur, but with all of the love and attention on him, he's grown into a really handsome cat... he loves company and likes watching tv...
Schizo was insanely upset when we first got Kira. She would hiss and growl at all of us!!
After a week, they grew fond of each other and now, if one hasn't seen the other in a while, they get stressed. They love cuddling up to each other when they sleep and clean each other every day.. It's so cute!!!!
I wish I had more!
This picture of them together is just so cute!!