Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What would you choose?

A while ago, I heard on the radio the deejays asking listeners this question.

What would you choose? Never being able to eat chocolate for the rest of your life or an unlimited fashion shopping budget?

As much as I loveeeeeeeee chocolate, I would choose the unlimited fashion shopping budget, because let's face it, chocolate is not good for you. The sugar and only heaven knows what other preservatives are in it are cause all kinds of health risks if eaten alllll the time.

What would you choose?

The Lovely Bones book

So I did read the Lovely Bones book. As usual, there were lots of things that were not featured in the movie.

Such as Susie's mother has a very brief affair with the detective who is investigating the murder. The murderer Mr Harvey also murdered and kept the bones of the neigbourhood animals. Dogs and cats would go missing. He kept the bones in the basement too, where he kept Susie's body. He does this to prevent himself from murdering other young girls.

I also felt a great fondness for her brother, Buckley while reading the book. I didn't really notice him while watching the movie. In the book, he is a sweet boy, desperately trying to understand what's happening to the world around him and when he one day is going to use Susie's clothes as 'kain buruk' in the garden, her father has a heart attack cause of shock, and it's when the mother finds out about his heart attack that she returns. Remember how the mum runs away cause she can't deal with her grief.

So to my readers who read the book and watched the movie, what do you think? what differences did you notice? what details from the book do you think should have been included in the movie.

I think the part about the mother having an affair with the detective and how Mr Harvey also killed animals should have been included in the movie.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Lovely Bones

I have always loved watching movies with a murder in it. I suppose that's why I love watching CSI and Midsomer Murders. I also love surrealism, where the lines of reality and fantasy become confusing. Artists that do this so well are Salvador Dali and others from his era.
One movie which combines both of these is 'The Lovely Bones'.
It has a murder in it but it is told in a different way. The girl who was murdered is telling you the story from heaven, and the surrealist visuals of her somewhere between heaven and earth is unpredictable and very engaging.
My niece who loves to read told me the book is really good to and has loaned me her copy to read, which I will probably do this weekend during my breaktimes at Jom Heboh.
Anyway, I think you should try and watch this movie. Below is a trailer.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tara and Bella - best friends. One is an elephant, the other is a dog!

This video is one the cutest and most heart warming i have ever seen!
It is about two best friends, Tara and Bella. One is an elephant, and one is a dog!
Is is so sweet. Please take a few minutes to watch it.
Everytime I watch this video, I say,
"Aiyooooooh! SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!"
I am sure will think the same. :)