Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Lovely Bones

I have always loved watching movies with a murder in it. I suppose that's why I love watching CSI and Midsomer Murders. I also love surrealism, where the lines of reality and fantasy become confusing. Artists that do this so well are Salvador Dali and others from his era.
One movie which combines both of these is 'The Lovely Bones'.
It has a murder in it but it is told in a different way. The girl who was murdered is telling you the story from heaven, and the surrealist visuals of her somewhere between heaven and earth is unpredictable and very engaging.
My niece who loves to read told me the book is really good to and has loaned me her copy to read, which I will probably do this weekend during my breaktimes at Jom Heboh.
Anyway, I think you should try and watch this movie. Below is a trailer.


Nana Farhanna said...

i cried watching this movie! so sad...! that girl didnt get the chance to grow up.. her family suffers from her lost.. one good movie. must watch! :)

.filzah. said...

yup..both movie and book are really good.. i've read the book.. and it turned so well..

u baca ok? :)

Wangi74 said...

I suka juga tgk Midsomer Murder masa kat oz dulu..suka sebab pemandangan dlm cerita tu pun nampak cool.Cuma yang kat Astro sekrg ni panjang sgt dan lama sikit..so i dah tak tengok lagi.And yep..dah tgk cerita ni..cuma i tak suka ending yang the killer managed to dumped her body..mcm geram jek..