Friday, April 30, 2010

Winners of the Guerlain Mascara Competition

Congratulations to the following winners of the Guerlain mascara sets :

Norliana Zahiah, Norazrin, Norhaniza Mohamed Sobry,
Liyana Mohamad Ariff and Norafni @ Farlina.

To all the others who tried, thank you and don't give up because there will be more competitions and giveaways coming up. All kinds of things you will love!

So keep coming back and checking cause all giveaway
details will be posted here at random times.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guerlain Le 2 Mascara competition.

I loooooooooove mascara! I don't know of a woman who doesn't love what mascara can do to your eyelashes. Longer, lusher, more glamourous.

Guerlain has just launched a new mascara, the Guerlain Le 2 mascara. It's beautiful and even the packaging is sleek with a twist.

And guess what, I have 5 of the following sets to give away to lucky readers!

Le 2 Mascara Volume Noir 2 Laque 11
Le 2 Mascara Bleu 2 Nimes 40
Quad Ombre Eclat (4 color eyeshadow)
Rouge G Lipstick
Total value - RM596
So hurry up! First 5 people who email in will win!

Email the following details

Title of email - Guerlain Mascara Competition

Name, IC No, Postal Address, Contact Number

Dansa book available at

Dansa - A Dance Journey is available on Just search for the title 'Dansa' and you will find it. And acccording to the website, if you spend more than RM150, you get free delivery within Malaysia. Cool!
Get a copy if you haven't already. I promise you, you will like it. :)

Mano - A cat in London

This is Mano.
He lives in a little convenience store or as we call her 'kedai runcit' in London. My sister first met him when she went to this little shop to buy the newspapers and suddenly saw him so of course asked the shopowner about him. He said he bought Mano as a present for his grand daughter and she comes to see him at the shop everday after school. Everyone who visits this shop is sure to ask 'where's Mano?' and it seems he has been getting more customers coming to the shop since Mano has been with him. I told the shopowner that Mano is his 'pembawa rezeki'. When I explained to him waht that means, he totally agreed with me.

My sister said he gets bigger and fluffier expecially in the winter. He doesn't like being carried so all we could do is keep trying to pat him. He looks 'garang' but he's not really.

So cute...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pictures from the 8th Cameronian Arts Awards

Last night it was announced that the 8th Cameronian Arts Awards will be the last! Well, let just hope not for too long and that someone will bring it back.

It was a bittersweet farewell for many and I know this awards show will be missed by many. Two ladies, Kathy and Jenny who came together and formed and changed the face of the Malaysian arts industry in a way no one expected.

My personal congratulations to Kathy and Jenny who faced much criticism throughout the whole 8 years they worked on this awards show. They persevered and now that it can no longer continue, many more will realise what a positive impact they had on the local industry.

So here are some photos from last night and two short videos from the closing performance.

Some pictures of the presenters.

Cuci the Musical won audience choice award for best Musical theatre show. Familiar faces Harith Iskandar, Hans Isaac, Douglas Lim, Dato Zahim Albakri, Awie and Stephen Rahman Hughes were all up on stage to accept the award.


Part 1 - Video of the closing 8th Cameronian Arts Awards

Note - these videos can be viewed better in a wide screen format on the actual site. Don't know why but here on this blog setting it crops the right hand side of the visuals a little bit. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Part 2 - Video of the closing performance of the 8th Cameronian Arts Awards

The fattest cat I have ever seen

This is my husband's cat that has been with him for almost 8 years. As you can see, he is really fat. But it's not my husband's fault. When he was given to my husband by a neighbour, he was already fat. I am too scared to carry him cause I am afraid I will hurt my back! He only gets up for food. We have tried to put him on a diet and get him to exercise, but it doesn't work. He is happy and really doesn't care what anyone thinks of him. So we just let him be.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I don't know why but last time I put these videos on this site they wouldn't play, but now I figured out how to load it onto youtube first then put it here. yay!

These two short videos were taken by me at the Penang Butterfly Farm over Chinese New Year holidays this year. It's such a pretty little place where so many butterflies fly around freely in the enclosed area. If you are ever in Penang, you must visit it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell

I love this song from one of Marilyn Monroe's movies... I think it's from the movie Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend...

Love it love it love it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mean Kitty Song

This video is soooo cute! And the kitten looks like my Joberg!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

launch of sunsilk's latest range

On Tuesday I went to the launch of the latest range of hair care products from Sunsilk at Euphoria Ministry of Sound Sunway Lagoon. There are 7 types different hair treatments specially created by 7 hair care experts from around the world with products to treat all kinds or hair conditions.
There was a fashion show featuring well known Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia but I kept looking at the very Lady Gaga creation worn by one of the other models.

How weird and cool all at the same time!

The range designed by damaged hair expert Thomas Tow flew in from London especially for the event and shared some tips with all present at the event on how to prevent and repair damaged hair.

Firstly, constant styling, blow drying, sun exposure, tying your hair too tightly and not conditioning properly all contributes to damaged hair. He understands it's part of modern day life to dress up, style our hair and experiment with different hair colours, but since we do that, we have to take the time to look after it too.

When I went to meet Thomas, I asked him what temperature should the water be when we wash our hair. His suggestion is not too hot cause that will irritate the scalp and cause it to become oily and not too cold. Most importantly, a temperature that is most comfortable.

You should be able to run your fingers smoothly through your hair. If there is resistance, that means there is dryness and the cuticles are open, that's what is causing the friction.

Just as I was leaving, I received this really cool case. I couldn't wait to open it!

And when I did, inside was the full range of the different shampoos.

Cool! Can't wait to try them all!