Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mano - A cat in London

This is Mano.
He lives in a little convenience store or as we call her 'kedai runcit' in London. My sister first met him when she went to this little shop to buy the newspapers and suddenly saw him so of course asked the shopowner about him. He said he bought Mano as a present for his grand daughter and she comes to see him at the shop everday after school. Everyone who visits this shop is sure to ask 'where's Mano?' and it seems he has been getting more customers coming to the shop since Mano has been with him. I told the shopowner that Mano is his 'pembawa rezeki'. When I explained to him waht that means, he totally agreed with me.

My sister said he gets bigger and fluffier expecially in the winter. He doesn't like being carried so all we could do is keep trying to pat him. He looks 'garang' but he's not really.

So cute...

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Nana Farhanna said...

soo cute...! i love cats! whenevr i go out, i'm sure to spot any cats around, sm of them are too cute i wanted to take them home! but mum wudnt let me keep one ;(