Monday, April 19, 2010

Pictures from the 8th Cameronian Arts Awards

Last night it was announced that the 8th Cameronian Arts Awards will be the last! Well, let just hope not for too long and that someone will bring it back.

It was a bittersweet farewell for many and I know this awards show will be missed by many. Two ladies, Kathy and Jenny who came together and formed and changed the face of the Malaysian arts industry in a way no one expected.

My personal congratulations to Kathy and Jenny who faced much criticism throughout the whole 8 years they worked on this awards show. They persevered and now that it can no longer continue, many more will realise what a positive impact they had on the local industry.

So here are some photos from last night and two short videos from the closing performance.

Some pictures of the presenters.

Cuci the Musical won audience choice award for best Musical theatre show. Familiar faces Harith Iskandar, Hans Isaac, Douglas Lim, Dato Zahim Albakri, Awie and Stephen Rahman Hughes were all up on stage to accept the award.


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