Wednesday, April 07, 2010

launch of sunsilk's latest range

On Tuesday I went to the launch of the latest range of hair care products from Sunsilk at Euphoria Ministry of Sound Sunway Lagoon. There are 7 types different hair treatments specially created by 7 hair care experts from around the world with products to treat all kinds or hair conditions.
There was a fashion show featuring well known Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia but I kept looking at the very Lady Gaga creation worn by one of the other models.

How weird and cool all at the same time!

The range designed by damaged hair expert Thomas Tow flew in from London especially for the event and shared some tips with all present at the event on how to prevent and repair damaged hair.

Firstly, constant styling, blow drying, sun exposure, tying your hair too tightly and not conditioning properly all contributes to damaged hair. He understands it's part of modern day life to dress up, style our hair and experiment with different hair colours, but since we do that, we have to take the time to look after it too.

When I went to meet Thomas, I asked him what temperature should the water be when we wash our hair. His suggestion is not too hot cause that will irritate the scalp and cause it to become oily and not too cold. Most importantly, a temperature that is most comfortable.

You should be able to run your fingers smoothly through your hair. If there is resistance, that means there is dryness and the cuticles are open, that's what is causing the friction.

Just as I was leaving, I received this really cool case. I couldn't wait to open it!

And when I did, inside was the full range of the different shampoos.

Cool! Can't wait to try them all!

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