Monday, September 25, 2006

Black dresses

I wear a lot of black.... Just take a look at the photos from all of the events I've been to recently and you will see that the base of all my outfits, is black....

Besides ruby slippers, another iconic item of clothing I absolutely love is the black dress. Again, a love influenced by movies...

According to Nancy Macdonell Smith in her book - The Classic Ten - "No one woman or man invented the little black dress. The little black dress was a product of necessity. As women's lives became busier and their status depended less on displaying the wealth of the men they were married to, they needed clothes that were stylish but easy, chic but versatile, beautiful yet practical. The little black dress fit the bill."

But many honour the legendary Coco Chanel as the creator of the modern day black dress. She designed it in 1926 with black jersey material and at the time, many were horrified as jersey was considered an underwear fabric and black was associated with mourning, evil and negativity.

Coco Chanel in one of her black dresses

A movie star legend who wore some of the most beautiful black dresses in her movie star roles has got to be the one and only - Audrey Hepburn. In 1954, she did the movie Sabrina. The character used chic black dresses to prove to all those around her that she was all grown up after her trip to Paris. Audrey's partner in crime in creating the still copied "Audrey look" was Hubert de Givenchy.

Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina

And who could forget the black dresses in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in 1961?

Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

I don't know of any modern woman who doesn't own a black dress... or several... Do you?

I must confess, that I just counted mine... I have 18... believe me please, they are all COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! It's a variety of beaded, day dress, velvet, with ruffles, see through portions, plunging neckline, vintage, short, long, mid length..... they all have a very individual look and feel. I have to keep telling myself to try and buy other colours....

Why do I personally love black dresses? You can't go wrong wearing one. If you spill something on yourself or if someone else does, a quick wipe off with the nearest bit of tissue and some water and you will be able to get through the night's event without looking like you had an accident. A simple change of accessories can completely change the look. Example, Last week, I went to work in the morning with a black wrap dress on with no accesories. Time for Harper's Bazaar event, add pink belt, change shoes, hand bag and earings to pink as well to suit the theme. For Anya Hindmarch launch, keep black dress on, take everything else off, add red jacket, change bag and shoes to match and you get a completely different look....

And most of all, it hides every single possible physical flaw...

I try to avoid buying black dresses now, since I already have 18, but deep in my fashion loving heart, if I try one on that makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn, I will be bringing it home to introduce it to the other black dresses in my wardrobe...

PS - If I carry Kira when I'm wearing a black dress, you seriously can't see him!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Red Shoes..

I love red shoes....

When I was still in school, at age 10 I think, I played the role of Dorothy form the Wizard of Oz in my school, Sri Inai's school play. So of course, the MOST IMPORTANT item of costume was the famed ruby slippers or red shoes. I remember looking in many shops with my mum looking for the perfect pair of red shoes for me to wear. I really wanted glittering ones.... but we were running out of time... and we still couldn't find a pair. The best we found was a pair of red patent leather flat shoes... At least they were shiny...

Besides Cinderella's glass slippers, Dorothys red shoes are probaly the most famous shoes in movie and musical history. I have watched "The Wizard Of Oz" movie SO MANY times, I could still watch again now, and always loved the close up shots of those shoes.... all fantasy filled and glittering, and the most perfect shade of red.... One thing I don't like about the ending of the movie is that she doesn't get to keep the ruby slippers!!

Marilyn Monroe also wore a pair of red shoes with matching glittering plunging neck gown in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". This is my favourite Marilyn movie. The costumes play a very big part in this choice. It seems Ferragamo designed and made the red shoes for her for the movie.

what I would give for a pair of shoes like these!!!!

Below is a pic of a pair of shoes I received for my recent birthday as a present. I was so excited when I saw them. I haven't had a chance to wear them yet. Still thinking of the perfect outfit to show off these shoes!!! it definitely won't be long dress of pants.. don't want anything obstructing the view!

I recently spotted these red shoes on the Stuart Weitzman website just recently. I excitedly dropped by the store at KLCC when I went there recently for the Anya Hindmarch launch only to have them tell mke that they are not bringing this design in.....

AAAAAARGH!!! When I asked why, they said cause they don't think it would sell here in Malaysia.... But I would buy them!!!! Sigh...

So I'm still looking for the most perfect fully glittering red pair of shoes in the perfect shade of ruby....

It's the weekend!!

It's the weekend! Bulan Ramadhan / fasting month starts tomorrow. I actually have nothing planned for the weekend, besides menial jobs like clearing out the junk that has accumulated in my car over the past week... washing, clean bathroom, watch CSI, play with cats and some painting..

Above is the latest painting I did. It was inspired by Medusa but these three women look too nice to be evil Medusas! Never mind... now they look like 3 mermaids. I've started another one and promised my friend Sarah I would do one for her... Hopefully I can do that this weekend. You may wonder why black and white. I've always liked black and white imagery.... black and white photos can be dramatic, subtle, sexy yet demure all at the same time.... Colour in art sometimes is too distracting for me.... I see the colour, not the form, lines and sometimes even miss content cause I like the colour... So at the moment, the art I'm doing is all black and white...

I just took this really cute photo of Schizo... She looks so adorable and innocent... Looks only!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thank God it's Friday

Friday morning, I'm starting to feel exhausted...

But there are things to do and time is passing on...

I was stressing all morning about the shoot I directed in the afternoon... As Explorace shoots are now complete, I am now assigned to "Apa-Apa Aje" (a fun talk show on Monday and Thursday 10 - 11 am) and coordinate and host two segments called "Smart Living" and "A New Me".

So Friday I had to direct a shoot for "A New Me". I was hoping that there would no problems... anything can go wrong when you deal with 2 talents, a cameraman, camera booking, transport booking, hair and make up appointment, booking with store owners....

Thankfully, nothing went majorly wrong!!! Jebat who was a cameraman who travelled as part of the Explorace crew was the cameraman assigned to me for the day... so since we have worked together before, it was easy for us to communicate ideas on how to shoot.... My two talents, Hanida, a former colleague from Istana Budaya and family friend Margarita looked gorgeous and were so comfortable in front of the camera. A Cut Above did a lovely job on their hair and make up and totally transformed them.

Hanida then modelled clothes from the shop "Poya" in Bangsar Shopping Centre and Margarita modelled clothes from "Intoxi-Kate". Both paraded their dressed up looks for the camera!!

(Thank you to A Cut Above, Poya and Intoxi-Kate for such a pleasant shoot!)

with cameraman Jebat and Margarita at Intoxi-Kate, Bangsar Shopping Centre

After the shoot, Jebat and I got stuck in the usual after office hours traffic to get back to the office.... Sigh! I was so hungry I started to get a headache! We finally arrived back at TV3. After returning Tv3's car keys to the appropriate department, I got into my car and headed to TTDI for dinner with Explorace crew... a celebration for a job well done.

After dinner, my headache disappeared, thankfully, because my night was not over yet! Next stop was the VIDA! magazine event at 'relish' in Changkat Bukit Bintang. Time to change again... From baju kebaya to black pants, top, gold belt, shoes and bag... don't ask how or where.. I can't believe I did it.....

I arrive at the really cute place (it has chandeliers.... several too!! I love chandeliers) and the first thing the sweet guy and girl said to me at the registration counter was "Ha! You're Explorace!" Yay!!! People who watch my show!!!

I went in and met several people I know and congratulated Jacqueline Pereira on the success of her magazine... Such theatrical covers!!!

As I was sitting down, I saw a gorgeous pair of open toe, black patent leather shoes on someone's slender legs and feet... "What beautiful shoes!" I think to myself.. "I wonder who is wearing them?" I look up to see Clara, Marketing Manager of Fendi wearing them..... I go up to her (it's the third time we've met this week!) and confess that I saw her shoes before I saw her!!! We both had a good laugh...

All of the events of the week finally took their toll on me.... I wanted to go home....

Again, I got stuck in traffic.... sigh..... but I finally did get home and had the most luxurious and longest shower ever.... and changed again... this time, the most comfortable clothes ever..pyjamas...


Explorace Season 3 comes to an end..... (sob!)

In the morning, of Thursday 21st Sept, I was rostered to be the floor manager during the live telecast of Apa - Apa Aje. I was so nervous and I had every right to be... It's a live show and I have never been floor manager (FM) before..... I had to cue the hosts, point to which camera they had to face.... so to be able to do this I need a communication device (walkie talkie or headset) to commuicate with the control room.

First problem, no headset... not too sure why... I was given walkie talkie instead... It kept out of contact with the control.. I asked a techinician to have a look.. "battery weak" he says, and takes it away... so I had NO communication device at all!!!!! I had to manage a whole segment without one!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... Finally got it back for the last few minutes of the show... I was so relieved when the show was over...

After I calmed down from the stress I felt cause by "Apa-Apa Aje", we did a rehearsal for the official prize giving ceremony of Explorace Season 3.... Rehearsal over, time to change and do make up...

It went smoothly and all the contestants were happy with their prizes... Reezman and Azhari are probably wondering now how best to use their money and flight ticket.... RM 100, 000!!! It was so much fun to have so many of the people involved in Explorace, both on and off camera, together again... so much laughter and noise!!!!

I must tell you this though, Reezman and Azhari were the first to arrive to me at the finishing point in the Kedah race.. but for the prize giving, they were the last to arrive!!!! How ironic!! We had to wait for them to arrive before we could start!!!

with the winners of Explorace Season 3, Reezman and Azhari (aka - crazy clowns, jumping jellybeans - I'm sure you come up with your own name for them too!)
Some of the crew of Explorace Season 3 copying Reezman and Azhari's trademark pose
Upon completion of the event, it was then time to change again!!! This time to attend the Fendi launch of the Palazzo bag at Starhill

It was a really nice event and different from others I've been to. Five lovely stylish ladies (Marini Ramlan, Yasmin Yusoff, Deanna Yusoff, Camelia and Joanne Bessey) were invited to emote, and create with vision, their interpretation of "Objects of Desire" through the camera lens. So they all interpreted the bags design/ concept into a photograph.

The super sexy and stylish Marini Ramlan (who is a colleague of mine at TV3) explaining her inspiration behind her photographic composition. Everyday I've worked with her, she always looks incredibly beautiful. At the Fendi launch, she just looked better than I've ever seen here. The Fendi dress and bag really suited her! I could never wear something like that and pull it off. She is going to feel like strangling me when she reads this, but that's ok... (she's got great legs too! I hate her!)

Each set of photographs by the different ladies was completely different!! It was a great topic of conversation for all those present at the event.... Congratulations Clara (Marketing Manager of Fendi) for a new approach to launches! (to view the photos, visit Starhill Gallery, Adorn Balcony, Sept 22 - 30)

Traffic was horrible getting home!!!! I wanted to get home in time to watch the very last and final episode of Explorace Season 3....

I felt sad after watching that final episode... So many behind the scenes memories, so much hard work.... but all good things come to an end...... (sob! sob!)

Thank you to the millions of viewers we had following and watching the show (yes, millions). We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed doing it....

Now I want all of you to begin your very own extreme journey!!!!

Pics from Wednesday... finally uploaded!

As promised, here are the pics from Wednesday's blog titled 'on the move'.

In the recording studio where I did the voice over for the playback video for the Explorace prize giving ceremony.. realistically, this is what i look like with not a scrap of make up on and barely brushed hair.....

My colleagues at TV3 attacking all the good food during our little pre ramadhan pot luck party. Notice how no one is really talking to each other?! All too busy eating or thinking about what to eat!

Nick Munro's jelly mould launched with Harper's Bazaar and Royal Selangor. The two cones sitting next to each other really reminded me of Madonna's conical bra by Jean Paul Gaultier. Agree?!

With designer of the jelly mould, Nick Munro. He conveniently placed one of his cones on my head for this shot!

With the always stylish editor of Harper's Bazaar, Natasha Kraal. I envy her wardrobe!

With Soo Shea Pin, Director of Anya Hindmarch Malaysia. In the background is all of their lovely new collection of bags....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On the move..

Arrive at office and the events of the day begin!

I have to do a shoot for "Apa-Apa Aje" this Friday and almost didn't get a cameraman for it! After much pleading with the facilities department and a little re shuffling on their part, I managed to book one. Phew! Fingers crossed that this Friday there is no mix up!

Another voice over with Kama for the Explorace Prize Giving Ceremony. Brought back a lot of memories watching all the playback from the whole season.. There is so much that can only be felt and not seen on tv!

With the fasting month starting this Sunday, my department at the office decided to have a pot luck lunch party today... There was SO MUCH food!!!! Just look at everyone attacking the food! It all tasted great!

Check watch. Time to start making a move to the J.W Marriot to attend the launch of the Nick Munro jelly mould to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer in conjunction with Harper's Bazaar.

Get into car and apply make up (from scratch!) Since the theme of the event is stylishly pink, I change my shoes, handbag, earrings and add a belt to my outfit.... in the car...

Arrive at the event and everyone looks so sweet in their splashes of pink clothing..

I have a look at the jelly mould and the first image that comes to my mind is Madonna's cone bra designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for one of her world tours... bras are very closely associated with breasts, so I figure it could have been a source of inspiration for the designer...

Speech time! And guess what, Nick Munro, the designer of the jelly mould actually said that one of his inspirations for the mould was Madonna's cone bra!!!!!

Natasha Kraal, editor of Harpers Bazaar's speech brought tears to my eyes as she talked about how her sister passed away at the age of 28 (so young!) due to breast cancer and was given only six months to live when she found out....

It really hit me... I'm 26, and I haven't even begun to do as much as I want to. To find out you're going to go in six months is something I would not wish for ANYBODY!! And the thought of losing my sister in six months and the decline this disease causes in front of your eyes must be unbearable for anybody...

I'm sure there are many others, like me, under 30 who think "this won't happen to me". Natasha's speech made me realise that it could... Thank you...
(check out the October issue of Harper's Bazaar to read more about the collaboration between the magazine, Nick Munro, Royal Selangor Pewter and their strive for greater breast cancer awareness)

The little chocolate treat served here was fantastic... I had so many, I started to feel sick.

Checked my watch and decided it was time to go to KLCC to attend the launch of the new Anya Hindmarch collection at the boutique. Again, I changed my shoes, handbag, earrings and took off the belt and put on a jacket in the car... why???!!!! my Anya Hindmarch bag is red, so I felt the need to adjust my outfit to match the bag... any fashion lover would understand this!

There wasn't that many people at the Anya Hindmarch boutique by the time I arrived... Everyone had come and gone.... I got to see the collection more closely then! I had a nice chat to Soo Shea Pin, the Managing Director of Anya Hindmarch Malaysia..... and have my eye on a few of the bags in the shop now...

Not long after, it's time to head back to the office and home.. time to finish up preparations for another big day tomorrow..... you will hear about it soon....

(I've made MANY attempts to attach pics from the day to this blog, but it just doesn't want to do it at the moment!!!! So frustrating!!!! Promise to post them when connection is working better...)

Intoxi-Kate launch

More pics from the Intoxi-Kate launch
sitting in front row with other personalities

Lining up with the models. This angle really conceals the height difference between the models and I!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006


6 am - alarm starts to ring... i hate that sound!

7 am - finally think it's a good idea to get out of bed... the usual morning routine follows

8 am - Start facing morning traffic..... thank God for good morning radio shows..

8.45 - Meet colleagues at venue of the day's presentations and discussions for next year's

1 pm - Rush back to office with colleague to do remaining voice overs for this Thursday's
episode of Explorace. Problem with tape.... aaargh!!! We don't have time for this!
This show goes on air on Thursday!!

2 pm - Problem solved, hopefully permanently, and we rush back to continue the second
half of today's presentations

5. 40 pm - Presentations complete. Leave immediately to speed to Bangsar Shopping Centre
for launch of new collection and 1st anniversary of Intoxi-Kate by Richard Tsen.
What time was I supposed to be there.... 5.30 pm!!!!

6.00 pm - Arrive at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Run to lift. "SORRY. OUT OF ORDER" sign.
Damn...... Run to next lift (in 3 inch heels!). Head to nearest public bathroom as
soon as doors of lift open. Change from work clothes into gown for the event (I'm
so not joking!) in the public bathroom! Wash face at sink and apply make up from
scratch. Fluff up hair with fingers, dump everything in paper bag and run to elevator.

6.15 pm - Arrive at entrance of Intoxi-Kate, almost breathless. "Hi Sasha, please take your seat.
We will call your name to come forward and stand with our models to present you as
our celebrity model for the event at the end of fashion show."

Sit down. Sitting with me in front row includes Dayang Nurfaizah, Marion Caunter and
Stephanie Chai. Fashion show begins. Clothes are fabulous! Great colours, versatile,
feminine and flowy..... start making mental notes of which ones I want and where I
could wear them to!

6.30 pm - Name is announced to come up and stand with models. I feel like a midget / dwarf
standing next to these beautiful and tall girls. Smile and carry on! Some are just
lucky to strike genetic lottery..... I definitely didn't get their height!

with designer Richard Tsen and I'm wearing dress from his latest collection
6.35 pm - Refreshments. A nice drink of cool juice.... aaaaahh!

7.15 pm - Almost everyone has left, time to say good bye....

7.45 pm - Arrive home. Am informed there is chocolate cake in the fridge.... yay!

11.00 pm - Haven't seen cats.. where are they? They haven't been fed yet.. Time they go to
bed too....

mental note - don't forget to set alarm for tomorrow (groan!) I hate that sound...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Cat's Life

It has been a crazy week! First I got sooooooo sick.... the sickest I have been all year. Every joint in my body ached, my nose was stuffed, my throat was sore, my ears blocked, nauseous.... I got it all!

Two days in bed and just as I'm thinking I'm going to be back in the office soon so I could get work done, I get a phone call.. "You're going to Johor tomorrow to be part of the Kembara Mahkota Johor..." I really thought my blocked ears were deceiving me... tomorrow?! yes...

I drag my still aching body to the office to get more info and then make my way home to start packing.... I thought I wouldn't be using my suitcase for a while...

So I go, continue to be sick the whole time I was there (2 days) but still managed to find the energy to smile at all the people waving flags at our convoy as we drove past and for every photo..... It's not glamorous at all when you're sick!

As I'm in the car on the way back, I began to feel nauseous again. oh no.... please!!! I've got so much to do when I get back!!!

I allow myself to rest the rest of the day I arrive back, but come today (Sunday) I looked in the mirror and realised I needed some professional help... a hair dresser!

Before I went to the office, I visited the hair dressers to rectify my hair that was beginning to resemble a disintegrating bird's nest... I decided to get a manicure too...I never do manicures and halfway through I realised why... because to me it takes forever for the polish to dry properly!

To the office.... there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on... believe me! even on Sundays...

I get home to find my two kitty kats lounging around as if THEY have had the hardest week of their lives! I suppose chasing lizards, cochroaches and frogs is hard work in kitty kingdom...

I wonder if she's dreaming... "mmmm, mountains of smoked salmon"

I'll work hard this time round, but in my next life, I want to come back as a cat! How wonderful it might be to be so amused and be able to be kept occupied for hours by chasing bits of paper or whatever other silly things cats do!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More pics from Art for Nature

Here are more pics from the Art for Nature exhibition at Rimbun Dahan....

This piece was a nice colourful collage of a variety of food packagings, eg bottle caps.. plastic.. as described

" Choy's fantastical collage recalls every casual meal we've ever eaten out"

In other words, to me, all the junk food we've eaten on the run or when there is no other choice! I would hang this in a kitchen...

This series of 4 paintings is by Yau Bee Ling - Contemplation (Kitchen) I-IV reveals the tumult and strength within the artist. Her sophisticated use of colour and form suggest many possible readings. -

I didn't read too much into this work.... I just liked the colour combination and the texture..

"Clickproject's groovy plates humorously update the deorative china plates aunties all over Malaysia display in their living room...."

I liked these! A very fun collection of plates... Very modern, fresh feel....

Here, I'm looking at Hayati Mokhtar's 'Tideline' - beautifully detailed photographs meander in an organic line, chronicling the plastic debris of modern life, mingled with the natural environment-.

A very disturbing piece I feel, especially when one thinks deeply about it...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Art For Nature 2006

On Saturday 10th of September I attended the launch of the Art For Nature Exhibition at Rimbun Dahan. I've always loved art, having visited them for as long as I can remember and always on the lookout for exhibitions to go to.

I especially love it, when it's for a good cause... Proceeds from the sale of artworks of the exhibition will be channelled towards WWF-Malaysia’s efforts to safeguard Malaysia abundant and unique natural heritage.

So what is the concept of the exhibition all about? It's very appropriately titled "Feed Me! An exploration of appetites! (For more info : / )

I arrived there hungry... "feed me! feed me!" my stomach begs.... So I succumbed to my inner desires and helped myself to generous portions of lamb and kueh teow.... yum yum... (yes, I do like eating... don't you?!)

Satisfied, I then head to the exhibition art to view the art works.... I Hate picking favourites, but I'm only human... Some pieces in the exhibition really stood out for me... Sometimes it's the colour combinations, sometimes it's a texture or motif... but that's the beauty of art, there is something for everyone's taste...

Wong Chee Meng's When the White Frame Meets a Green Day caught my eye first. I like ornate cream frames like the one he painted. The green background with it's different shades and patterns both complements and contrast the frame.

Pic in front of the painting

The description of the painting as written in the brochure distributed at the exhibition is " It looks at Malaysian life witha quirky eye. Identifying the backdrop of natural beauty and abundance, he then places objects of Malaysian houses, such as grills and TV antennas. In front of all this, he positions a prominent, ostentatious frame, replete with curlicues and almost whipped cream-like swoops."

It I could afford it, I would have bought this one..... Even if I could afford it, it was already sold! Sigh.....

I do have more great photos... but they just won't load!!!!!! Aaaaargh!!! So frustrating!!!

Will add more photos and info when connection is working better...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

rehearsals for the screenings

I arrive at the Sime Darby Convention Centre to do the voice overs for some of the segments during the Media Prima Television Screenings... What are these screenings all about? Media Prima presents their content over all of their four networks (TV3, NTV7, 8TV, TV9) to agencies, clients....etc.... it's a real big deal and a lot of work goes into all of it... There is always a huge number of people who come to the event...

It's a lot of fun too! Funny videos are specially created for these screenings and live entertainment is included.. we had Maya Karin, Jaclyn Victor and Ning Baizura sing snippets of songs to open the event as well as some dance numbers and songs inserted throughout the evening.

Lots of laughing was heard from the crowd, and lots of running around by TV3 crew.

But, of course, what I wanted most considering it was my birthday is a big piece of chocolate cake...and I did get it! What's a birthday without good food, a cake and family...

As soon as my responsibilities were fulfilled, I left the screenings and rushed off to meet my family for dinner and CAKE!!!


Friday, September 08, 2006

Failed curls for Louis Vuitton

My day on Thursday the 7th of September with an interview on TV3'S Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) with on of my producers, Kama, about the Recap 2 episode of Explorace to be shown on the same night. First thing I had to do was touch up my make and 'restructure' my wild mane of hair.. Lucky for me there are people that actually know how to do this!
Hair and make up done, Kama and I sat together and waited... While waiting, the smell of the nasi lemak smelt so good that we had some...

We did the interview and it all went smoothly.. live shows can be stressful.. why? because it is live! No matter what happens you have to carry on. Visuals went smoothly too so it was all good. After I was all done at MHI, I went to my desk, checked a few emails then went back down stairs to watch the broadcast of Apa-Apa Aje.... Sheila and Shamsul work so well together!
Back to my desk again, followed up on more stuff then decided I didn't like how my hair felt so I headed to A cut Above for treatment and styling for the big launch of the Louis Vuitton store at Starhill!
I saw Daphne Iking while I was there with curlers in my hair and found out she was going to the launch too! We exchanged opinions and ideas on what to wear, then it was time to take my curlers out and dash back to the office again. Finished up what I needed to do at the office then rushed home to start getting ready... Started reaining really heavily and I thought to myself "Sure got traffic jam!" Also, my lovely curls from the hairdresser had collapsed... nevermind, quick change of haristyle idea. As I was leaving, I was very surprised when my brother said to me I was wearing a nice dress... my brother NEVER compliments me! This must look good.. so with confidence I head into KL and guess what...?!... I hot a huge traffic jam.. Sigh
From left to right : Lina Teoh, Ning Baizura, Erra Fazira and myself

Starhill was so the place to be last night! Anybody who is worth knowing in KL was there... I was escorted in with the lovely Erra Fazira and when we looked around the new store, but it was so hard to see the hand bags and shoes because there were people EVERYWHERE! I'll have to go back another time.... Guests were then invited up to the 3rd floor and things really started to happen! Erra, Syed (Erra's Manager) and I were escorted to the VIP seating area. Smaller than bite sized food (portions that big are not really food if you ask me, just decoration!) when Datin Siti Nurhaliza and Kathy Lam came and sat next to Erra and I. Datin Siti only stayed a few moments before she left to perform 3 songs, which she did beautifully.

Datin Siti Nurhaliza performing her 3 songs

Lots and lots of dancing was going on but it was getting late..well, for me anyway... I believe in lots of sleep! The party was still very happening when I left and just as I was thinking today would be slightly slower in pace , I received a phone call after midnight from a very stressed colleague saying they need me to MC some segments during the Media Prima television today... So much for a quiet lunch!

"The greatest beauty and tragedy of life is that one never knows what's coming next..."

By the way, I'm 26 today... yes,yes.. Happy Birthday to me! I always believe it's good luck to work on your birthday... I believe it means I will continue to have work which is truly a blessing...

I'm on my way to the screenings guys.. see you soon!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The first leg of the Explorace Season 3 finals was held in Delhi, India.. the tourism advertising slogan they are currently using is "Incredible India"... and believe me it was incredible for a variety of reasons!!!

The crew and I arrived there very late on a Monday night.. I wasn't as tired as I thought I might be because I got lucky.. I got a whole row of seats together in economy class on the flight there!

zzzzzzz..... such peaceful sleep at 30,000 feet....

Knowing this was a rare occasion, I took full advantage of it and had a good sleep!!!

Our producer, Kama and her assistant Shahrul met us at the airport.... It took forever to claim all of our baggage, equipment and props together before we could board the bus to the hotel... Just imagine, there are 25 of us icluding crew and boxes and boxes weighing hundreds of kilos!! This is not an easy show to co-ordinate!

As we were on our way to the hotel, I asked Kama, "Hotel cantik tak?"... She replied very casually, "Boleh lah..."... I worried we were going to be staying in a really low budget hotel...

Then we pulled up at this beautiful hotel called the Taj Palace... It really was like a palace... I went back to Kama and said, "You made it sound like this hotel is below average... this is luxurious!!!"..... She just smiled... All of us crew really appreciate staying in nice hotels! All of us thanked her for making the arrangements at such an exquisite hotel... (

The following day we started to recee all of the task point locations... We saw beautiful buildings from bygones eras such as the Jama Masjid, visited locals restaurants such as Karim's restaurant and the World Heritage Sites, Humayun's Tomb and Qutab Minar...

But the highlight for me was visiting the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra.

Kama assigned the compere team consisting of myself, diretctor Shahrul, technician Hazizie and cameraman Mokhtar were assigned to head to Agra to shoot the introduction to the race in India and come back to Delhi, all in one day.... What an extreme journey we were in for!

First it took us 6 and a half hours to get there!!! It was SOOOO hot too...

Once we arrived at Agra, we picked up the tourism officer who accompanied us to the Taj Mahal. As we all know, unfortunately India has been a victim of violent attacks so security to all of the locations was very high... Due to our camera and sound equipment, we were thoroughly checked... but we still had to wait a VERY long time til we were allowed into the Taj Mahal...

Hazizie (the technician standing next to me), Mokhtar (cameraman sitting down) and myself waiting to be allowed into the Taj Mahal area to begin shooting.

When we were FINALLY allowed in, this is the picture perfect view that we saw that took my breath away....
There were a lot of people there.. both locals and tourists.. and lots of cameras taking pictures.. Shahrul chose a relatively empty spot to shoot the opening. I will never forget the feeling of a waterfall (yes... waterfall!) of sweat running down my back the whole time we were shooting.. It was about 40 degrees!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!! I could feel my skin burning...

I completed 3 takes (without fumbling on my lines thank goodness!) then we spent some time taking photos.. I went and sat on the strategically positioned bench placed in front of the Taj Mahal (the same bench Princess Diana, Bill Clinton etc.. sat on) and had this picture taken..

I went inside the Taj Mahal and it was then that I realised the incredible detail that is featured in this building.. no wonder it is one of the seven wonders of the world and took over 20 years to build!!!

I would have been more than happy to stay longer, but it was starting to get later in the day and we had to get back to Agra.. It took us another 5 hours to get back to Delhi.... I was tired, sticky from all the dried sweat on my skin but so thankful that I had the privilege of seeing one of the most beautiful and romatically inspired buildings in the world...

In amongst the beauty of India though, there is also extreme poverty... People are literally starving on the streets... I've appreciated every meal, no matter how big or small since I saw people living like this there...

I also don't think there is anywhere else in the world where you will find men... hmmm, how do i say this politely... relieving themselves/ answering nature's call at 'toilets' with no walls by the side of the road...

The morning of the race day, we were all very concerned that we would face many problems shooting the race due to heightened security... thankfully, everything went smoothly..

All of the contestants taking part in the finals arrived to me at the ending point at Qutab Minar safely... The heat of the day was very taxing and draining on all of us... but we all had smiles on our faces for a job well done...

From left to right : The finalists Masita, Misbah, Cee Yee, Weng Aun, myself, Reezman and Azhari at the finishing point in Delhi, the World Heritage Site, Qutab Minar

This is a snippet of my behind the scenes story. I won't tell you the tasks the contestants endured because you can see it all on

TV3, Thursday, the 14th of September 2006 at 9.30 pm....

You really don't want to miss this..

By the way, shopping is great in India! For glitter and ornate loving individuals out there like myself, take EMPTY bags there, as much money as you can afford, and buy as if there is no tomorrow....