Monday, September 18, 2006


6 am - alarm starts to ring... i hate that sound!

7 am - finally think it's a good idea to get out of bed... the usual morning routine follows

8 am - Start facing morning traffic..... thank God for good morning radio shows..

8.45 - Meet colleagues at venue of the day's presentations and discussions for next year's

1 pm - Rush back to office with colleague to do remaining voice overs for this Thursday's
episode of Explorace. Problem with tape.... aaargh!!! We don't have time for this!
This show goes on air on Thursday!!

2 pm - Problem solved, hopefully permanently, and we rush back to continue the second
half of today's presentations

5. 40 pm - Presentations complete. Leave immediately to speed to Bangsar Shopping Centre
for launch of new collection and 1st anniversary of Intoxi-Kate by Richard Tsen.
What time was I supposed to be there.... 5.30 pm!!!!

6.00 pm - Arrive at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Run to lift. "SORRY. OUT OF ORDER" sign.
Damn...... Run to next lift (in 3 inch heels!). Head to nearest public bathroom as
soon as doors of lift open. Change from work clothes into gown for the event (I'm
so not joking!) in the public bathroom! Wash face at sink and apply make up from
scratch. Fluff up hair with fingers, dump everything in paper bag and run to elevator.

6.15 pm - Arrive at entrance of Intoxi-Kate, almost breathless. "Hi Sasha, please take your seat.
We will call your name to come forward and stand with our models to present you as
our celebrity model for the event at the end of fashion show."

Sit down. Sitting with me in front row includes Dayang Nurfaizah, Marion Caunter and
Stephanie Chai. Fashion show begins. Clothes are fabulous! Great colours, versatile,
feminine and flowy..... start making mental notes of which ones I want and where I
could wear them to!

6.30 pm - Name is announced to come up and stand with models. I feel like a midget / dwarf
standing next to these beautiful and tall girls. Smile and carry on! Some are just
lucky to strike genetic lottery..... I definitely didn't get their height!

with designer Richard Tsen and I'm wearing dress from his latest collection
6.35 pm - Refreshments. A nice drink of cool juice.... aaaaahh!

7.15 pm - Almost everyone has left, time to say good bye....

7.45 pm - Arrive home. Am informed there is chocolate cake in the fridge.... yay!

11.00 pm - Haven't seen cats.. where are they? They haven't been fed yet.. Time they go to
bed too....

mental note - don't forget to set alarm for tomorrow (groan!) I hate that sound...

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Stupe said...

Wifey has a boutique too, infact 3, coming 4 now!

but of course, it's nothing like what Richard has...

hop on over to her place for some cheap cheap shopping!!! (and bags!!!)