Friday, September 08, 2006

Failed curls for Louis Vuitton

My day on Thursday the 7th of September with an interview on TV3'S Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) with on of my producers, Kama, about the Recap 2 episode of Explorace to be shown on the same night. First thing I had to do was touch up my make and 'restructure' my wild mane of hair.. Lucky for me there are people that actually know how to do this!
Hair and make up done, Kama and I sat together and waited... While waiting, the smell of the nasi lemak smelt so good that we had some...

We did the interview and it all went smoothly.. live shows can be stressful.. why? because it is live! No matter what happens you have to carry on. Visuals went smoothly too so it was all good. After I was all done at MHI, I went to my desk, checked a few emails then went back down stairs to watch the broadcast of Apa-Apa Aje.... Sheila and Shamsul work so well together!
Back to my desk again, followed up on more stuff then decided I didn't like how my hair felt so I headed to A cut Above for treatment and styling for the big launch of the Louis Vuitton store at Starhill!
I saw Daphne Iking while I was there with curlers in my hair and found out she was going to the launch too! We exchanged opinions and ideas on what to wear, then it was time to take my curlers out and dash back to the office again. Finished up what I needed to do at the office then rushed home to start getting ready... Started reaining really heavily and I thought to myself "Sure got traffic jam!" Also, my lovely curls from the hairdresser had collapsed... nevermind, quick change of haristyle idea. As I was leaving, I was very surprised when my brother said to me I was wearing a nice dress... my brother NEVER compliments me! This must look good.. so with confidence I head into KL and guess what...?!... I hot a huge traffic jam.. Sigh
From left to right : Lina Teoh, Ning Baizura, Erra Fazira and myself

Starhill was so the place to be last night! Anybody who is worth knowing in KL was there... I was escorted in with the lovely Erra Fazira and when we looked around the new store, but it was so hard to see the hand bags and shoes because there were people EVERYWHERE! I'll have to go back another time.... Guests were then invited up to the 3rd floor and things really started to happen! Erra, Syed (Erra's Manager) and I were escorted to the VIP seating area. Smaller than bite sized food (portions that big are not really food if you ask me, just decoration!) when Datin Siti Nurhaliza and Kathy Lam came and sat next to Erra and I. Datin Siti only stayed a few moments before she left to perform 3 songs, which she did beautifully.

Datin Siti Nurhaliza performing her 3 songs

Lots and lots of dancing was going on but it was getting late..well, for me anyway... I believe in lots of sleep! The party was still very happening when I left and just as I was thinking today would be slightly slower in pace , I received a phone call after midnight from a very stressed colleague saying they need me to MC some segments during the Media Prima television today... So much for a quiet lunch!

"The greatest beauty and tragedy of life is that one never knows what's coming next..."

By the way, I'm 26 today... yes,yes.. Happy Birthday to me! I always believe it's good luck to work on your birthday... I believe it means I will continue to have work which is truly a blessing...

I'm on my way to the screenings guys.. see you soon!!!


Mr. Manager said...

You looked absolutely fabulously gorgeous in the pictures!

Barb said...

"The greatest beauty and tragedy of life is that one never knows what's coming next..."

that says it all Sasha
how right you are.
True also for this reader of your blogg.....
I do enjoy your literary skills

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday...

~ MT @ Q4t4r