Friday, September 22, 2006

Explorace Season 3 comes to an end..... (sob!)

In the morning, of Thursday 21st Sept, I was rostered to be the floor manager during the live telecast of Apa - Apa Aje. I was so nervous and I had every right to be... It's a live show and I have never been floor manager (FM) before..... I had to cue the hosts, point to which camera they had to face.... so to be able to do this I need a communication device (walkie talkie or headset) to commuicate with the control room.

First problem, no headset... not too sure why... I was given walkie talkie instead... It kept out of contact with the control.. I asked a techinician to have a look.. "battery weak" he says, and takes it away... so I had NO communication device at all!!!!! I had to manage a whole segment without one!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... Finally got it back for the last few minutes of the show... I was so relieved when the show was over...

After I calmed down from the stress I felt cause by "Apa-Apa Aje", we did a rehearsal for the official prize giving ceremony of Explorace Season 3.... Rehearsal over, time to change and do make up...

It went smoothly and all the contestants were happy with their prizes... Reezman and Azhari are probably wondering now how best to use their money and flight ticket.... RM 100, 000!!! It was so much fun to have so many of the people involved in Explorace, both on and off camera, together again... so much laughter and noise!!!!

I must tell you this though, Reezman and Azhari were the first to arrive to me at the finishing point in the Kedah race.. but for the prize giving, they were the last to arrive!!!! How ironic!! We had to wait for them to arrive before we could start!!!

with the winners of Explorace Season 3, Reezman and Azhari (aka - crazy clowns, jumping jellybeans - I'm sure you come up with your own name for them too!)
Some of the crew of Explorace Season 3 copying Reezman and Azhari's trademark pose
Upon completion of the event, it was then time to change again!!! This time to attend the Fendi launch of the Palazzo bag at Starhill

It was a really nice event and different from others I've been to. Five lovely stylish ladies (Marini Ramlan, Yasmin Yusoff, Deanna Yusoff, Camelia and Joanne Bessey) were invited to emote, and create with vision, their interpretation of "Objects of Desire" through the camera lens. So they all interpreted the bags design/ concept into a photograph.

The super sexy and stylish Marini Ramlan (who is a colleague of mine at TV3) explaining her inspiration behind her photographic composition. Everyday I've worked with her, she always looks incredibly beautiful. At the Fendi launch, she just looked better than I've ever seen here. The Fendi dress and bag really suited her! I could never wear something like that and pull it off. She is going to feel like strangling me when she reads this, but that's ok... (she's got great legs too! I hate her!)

Each set of photographs by the different ladies was completely different!! It was a great topic of conversation for all those present at the event.... Congratulations Clara (Marketing Manager of Fendi) for a new approach to launches! (to view the photos, visit Starhill Gallery, Adorn Balcony, Sept 22 - 30)

Traffic was horrible getting home!!!! I wanted to get home in time to watch the very last and final episode of Explorace Season 3....

I felt sad after watching that final episode... So many behind the scenes memories, so much hard work.... but all good things come to an end...... (sob! sob!)

Thank you to the millions of viewers we had following and watching the show (yes, millions). We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed doing it....

Now I want all of you to begin your very own extreme journey!!!!


nuna said...

Yes!!! I could strangle you! But its cool. Your blog's starting to fill up huh? I feel tired just reading about your schedule....Sigh, oh for the trials in celebrity life!! Tsk tsk.

azahari said...

hehehe.. i saw my name written somewhere in your blog.

how proud i am..
hehehe.. i miss explorace too..damm a lot!!!
perhaps, tv3 can organize all-star explorace. so that we can reunited back..hehehe..all the best in your life and career..
p/s: bile nak kawin???