Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Cat's Life

It has been a crazy week! First I got sooooooo sick.... the sickest I have been all year. Every joint in my body ached, my nose was stuffed, my throat was sore, my ears blocked, nauseous.... I got it all!

Two days in bed and just as I'm thinking I'm going to be back in the office soon so I could get work done, I get a phone call.. "You're going to Johor tomorrow to be part of the Kembara Mahkota Johor..." I really thought my blocked ears were deceiving me... tomorrow?! yes...

I drag my still aching body to the office to get more info and then make my way home to start packing.... I thought I wouldn't be using my suitcase for a while...

So I go, continue to be sick the whole time I was there (2 days) but still managed to find the energy to smile at all the people waving flags at our convoy as we drove past and for every photo..... It's not glamorous at all when you're sick!

As I'm in the car on the way back, I began to feel nauseous again. oh no.... please!!! I've got so much to do when I get back!!!

I allow myself to rest the rest of the day I arrive back, but come today (Sunday) I looked in the mirror and realised I needed some professional help... a hair dresser!

Before I went to the office, I visited the hair dressers to rectify my hair that was beginning to resemble a disintegrating bird's nest... I decided to get a manicure too...I never do manicures and halfway through I realised why... because to me it takes forever for the polish to dry properly!

To the office.... there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on... believe me! even on Sundays...

I get home to find my two kitty kats lounging around as if THEY have had the hardest week of their lives! I suppose chasing lizards, cochroaches and frogs is hard work in kitty kingdom...

I wonder if she's dreaming... "mmmm, mountains of smoked salmon"

I'll work hard this time round, but in my next life, I want to come back as a cat! How wonderful it might be to be so amused and be able to be kept occupied for hours by chasing bits of paper or whatever other silly things cats do!

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