Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's the weekend!!

It's the weekend! Bulan Ramadhan / fasting month starts tomorrow. I actually have nothing planned for the weekend, besides menial jobs like clearing out the junk that has accumulated in my car over the past week... washing, clean bathroom, watch CSI, play with cats and some painting..

Above is the latest painting I did. It was inspired by Medusa but these three women look too nice to be evil Medusas! Never mind... now they look like 3 mermaids. I've started another one and promised my friend Sarah I would do one for her... Hopefully I can do that this weekend. You may wonder why black and white. I've always liked black and white imagery.... black and white photos can be dramatic, subtle, sexy yet demure all at the same time.... Colour in art sometimes is too distracting for me.... I see the colour, not the form, lines and sometimes even miss content cause I like the colour... So at the moment, the art I'm doing is all black and white...

I just took this really cute photo of Schizo... She looks so adorable and innocent... Looks only!


Mr. Manager said...

That's a beautiful painting. May I buy it?

diANa hARiS said...

oooo.. schizo look so cute!!!