Monday, September 11, 2006

Art For Nature 2006

On Saturday 10th of September I attended the launch of the Art For Nature Exhibition at Rimbun Dahan. I've always loved art, having visited them for as long as I can remember and always on the lookout for exhibitions to go to.

I especially love it, when it's for a good cause... Proceeds from the sale of artworks of the exhibition will be channelled towards WWF-Malaysia’s efforts to safeguard Malaysia abundant and unique natural heritage.

So what is the concept of the exhibition all about? It's very appropriately titled "Feed Me! An exploration of appetites! (For more info : / )

I arrived there hungry... "feed me! feed me!" my stomach begs.... So I succumbed to my inner desires and helped myself to generous portions of lamb and kueh teow.... yum yum... (yes, I do like eating... don't you?!)

Satisfied, I then head to the exhibition art to view the art works.... I Hate picking favourites, but I'm only human... Some pieces in the exhibition really stood out for me... Sometimes it's the colour combinations, sometimes it's a texture or motif... but that's the beauty of art, there is something for everyone's taste...

Wong Chee Meng's When the White Frame Meets a Green Day caught my eye first. I like ornate cream frames like the one he painted. The green background with it's different shades and patterns both complements and contrast the frame.

Pic in front of the painting

The description of the painting as written in the brochure distributed at the exhibition is " It looks at Malaysian life witha quirky eye. Identifying the backdrop of natural beauty and abundance, he then places objects of Malaysian houses, such as grills and TV antennas. In front of all this, he positions a prominent, ostentatious frame, replete with curlicues and almost whipped cream-like swoops."

It I could afford it, I would have bought this one..... Even if I could afford it, it was already sold! Sigh.....

I do have more great photos... but they just won't load!!!!!! Aaaaargh!!! So frustrating!!!

Will add more photos and info when connection is working better...

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