Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shiseido Giveaway!


After promising you readers another competition, here it is!

3 sets of the above is available to be won.

Each set consists of Shiseido mascara, lip gloss, eye colour, lipstick and concealer.

For a chance to win, please email

1) title of email - shiseido giveaway
2) Name on Ic
3) Ic Number
4) Postal address
5) Handphone number
6) your blog follower name
(you must be a blog follower to be eligible to win)

winners will be picked at random!

good luck!


ayin~weeweet said...

sent! :) hope im the lucky three hehehe

Anonymous said...

dah email :-)
hope semua dh lengkap

Sherinna Alanna @ Julia Milu said...

sent :) harap2 sy bertuah

CaDLyNN said...

nak join!!!
dah email... :)

ayin~weeweet said...

dear,when will u reveal the winner of the GA? :)

Anonymous said...

already it belong with me :-)