Thursday, November 04, 2010

Michael Jackson Gallery at Sofitel Hotel, Macau

To all Michael Jackson fans, there is a gallery of items on display at the Michael Jackson Gallery at the Sofitel Hotel in Macau. Lots of signed items which from what I understand, the owner of the Sofitel Hotel went to the auction and won the auction for the items on display and he is trying to buy more items. Above are two videos I took at the gallery. When the Dansa II crew and I visited the place, we just stood and watched the videos showing on a big screen for almost half an hour. His work still has the power to make people stop and watch.

There was also a Billie Jean inspired walkway that lit up showing his different album covers.

I felt so sad (again!) that he has now left us.

And I still can't watch the 'This Is It' documentary.
I will probably cry.

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