Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tumi launch in Penang

As part of the launch of the latest Tumi store at Paragon Mall in Penang, I was invited by Tumi to create something new and totally different out of their signature ballistic nylon fabric. 

Since it was going to be held in Penang I immediately thought of the beautiful Peranakan architecture and style I love so much so decided to design and make a children's playhouse inspired by peranakan style.

After many many MANY hours of cutting squares and little flowers, this is the final result ! 

The floor part of this creation is made up of 1200 squares and there are about 200 little flowers all around it. 

If you are looking for long lasting, sturdy and stylish travel bags, you must visit a Tumi store. In KL there are stores at Suria KLCC and Pavillion. 

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