Monday, March 17, 2008

An update from Lord Derbyshire....

As I'm sure Sasha told you, I have not been well the past few days. Her mum and sister had to take me to the vet while she was away. Hasnul the vet gave them some horrible antibiotics to keep giving me for a few days. I hate it! I do everything I can to scratch whoever is the idiot that tries to force it down my throat. So far everyone has been scratched at least once. Well, I'm feeling much better now. Everyone realises this cause I have started bullying Joberg again. If only she would just play with me then it wouldn't be considered bullying. Oh, and Schizo still hates me.

Sasha bought a new CD today. It's her friend, Ning's latest album called EastToWest. She has been playing it non stop since she got it. It's got a really cool electronica sound to it. Sasha asked me to tell you that when you buy a copy of this CD make sure you only buy original!

Sasha is going away again tomorrow. She's only been back for a very short time. She says it's just all part of this project she's working on. She said in a few months it should be on tv and I can see why she's had to be away from me so much.

I hope someone gives me some tandoori chicken while she is away...... Yum Yum... my favourite!

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shueyluweyduwey said...

ur cat is simply adorable!! =)