Monday, March 24, 2008


I don't feel so sick in my stomach anymore, but I am so craving my favourite avocado accents salad at Marmalade. As I was shooting today, the weather was so hot and humid, the sweat was running down my back like a waterfall. And my feet feel raw from moving around on uneven wood flooring. But tomorrow, I get to dress up and I saw what I will be wearing today and I've never worn this outfit before and I think it looks beautiful so of course, I can't wait!
I hope my 4 furry 'babies' (my cats) are all ok. I need to buy some tandoori chicken for Lord Derbyshire when I get back.
I am so tired now. I can't wait to take all this make-up off and get into bed. I actually don't enjoy wearing make up. Unfortunately, not only is it necessary, it's pretty much compulsory.
More updates soon!


obefiend said...

hey shasha!

that's a wicked name for a cat. really fits the cat if i may say so yes? maybe i should photoshop a monocle and an MBE to the picture below.that he will be a real Lord.

btw.dont give him tandoori. crumpets and roast beef is the quintisential English lord's diet. hahaha.

p/s: i named my cat CATSO.because he is annoying as KELSO from That 70's Show

Nyna Kayle said...

Hi Sha! Hope you are doing well.:) Just a word of advise..I don't encourage you to feed your babaies w anything that's fried esp fried chicken.It can causes 'kurap' to your babies.Cheers!

PS:- Yes,I am aware Tandoori are baked but..won't the spices harm the felines?