Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tippex teaching Lord Derbyshire..

Tippex : "Hey you, little one. Why are you being all lovey dovey with the humans around here?"

Lord Derbyshire : "Isn't that we're supposed to do? Be all manja-manja with them so they look after us?"

Tippex : No lah! You only need to be manja-manja with them so they bring you home. Be nice for a while, then after that, just be all manja-manja and cute when you want food! Let me tell you, you're safe here now. They are not going to send you back to wherever it is you came from. Just chill! Be your own cat!

I am convinced the above conversation took place between Lord Derbyshire and his Abang Tippex. Let me tell you why. Lord Derbyshire has been hanging out with Tippex a lot, following him around, sleeping on the chair next to him, I assume Tippex is teaching him how to live life as a domestic cat. When I first found Lord Derbyshire, I had no problems at all carrying him back to my car. He just sat quietly in my arms. Now, I can barely hold him for a few seconds and he wants me to put him down. Same thing happened to Tippex. When my brother took him out of the cage at the animal shelter, he dug his claws into my brother's shirt and started rubbing his face into my brother, basically begging us to take him home. Once he settled in here, he refused to be carried anymore.

These animals are some kind of con artists!


Anonymous said...

i love cats too~! except for i dont have any.. or never had any.. I dont know how to take care of cats.. *sigh* and my mum n dad dont like pets.. we only have a small fish aquarium at home.. :P

when i see postcards with cute cats on them, i will always buy them.. and post it on my bedroom's walls.. even my stick-on notes got a cute cat on it XD

i still remember when i was in high school, a young stray cat came to my house and i took her in..we slept together, and the next day she went missing :(

phantom said...

I need desperately need Tippex. I make alot of typing errors.

Suzie said...

so sweeettt both tippex n lord derbyshire.just as sweet as their owner :-)