Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A question...

I'm 20 and my height is 157cm something. I used to be thin with my weight at 45kg. But recently I gained so much weight and I'm now 65 kg. I've been on a diet for 5 weeks and I already lost 6kgs. But now the problem is that I feel like my skin is not firm anymore. You know, lembik! I'm so worried about that. it is obvious. so how? can u help me?

Firstly, congratulations on losing 6kgs in 5 weeks! How did you do that?! I hope it was done through healthy eating. I can understand your frustration. I think to help your skin, you need to do lots of muscle firming exercises like weights and swimming is great. Usually skin hangs because you're losing weight but not exercising. There are plenty of websites and fitness magazines with exercises you can do to help tone up.

I hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Hi SASHA, I'm secretly a fan of your blog, really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas. I just want to respond to the question as well. Sorry to say to to him/her. Usually an excess skin due to the weight loss is almost impossible to get rid off. The only way is through operation. I'm experiencing the same problem as well. The best thing to do is to use lotion or cream that can reduce the stretch marks. Hope this helps!

-f-l-o- said...

May I?

I would suggest: lots of exercise! I am not very much of gym person but I like inventing my own exercise at home.

1. Sit ups REALLY tighten your torso muscles
2. Press up DOES firm up your arms
3. If you can walk, WALK rather than driving in a short distance

Alternatives is the word. Good luck!