Saturday, March 08, 2008

Looks like Lord Derbyshire!

Don't you think this cat looks like my little Lord Derbyshire?!

It's a female cat and she has an amazing story. Read the article that came out about her on

Kitten survives trip in shipping crate

CLEVELAND - A scrawny, black and white female kitten has apparently survived a trip across the Pacific Ocean and North America inside a shipping crate. Cleveland Animal Protective League Executive Director Sharon Harvey says a Cleveland company that received the crate of spooled steel coil Friday found the kitten inside one the spools.

Harvey says the mother cat and other kittens found in the crate were dead. The crate came to Samsel Supply Co. from Singapore. It was sealed Feb. 4 and shipped three days later.

The approximately 12-week-old kitten has been checked by a veterinarian and has responded well to being fed.

It will be kept in quarantine for about three weeks to make sure it doesn't pass any infectious disease to other animals.


And while I was doing my routine jog the other evening, I saw my next door neighbour...

Neighbour - Do you have another new cat? A small black and white one?

Me - Yes I do..Let me guess, he was in your garden...

Neighbour - Actually he was in my house. I heard a sound and suddenly I saw him scratching my carpet...

Me - Oh my God!!! I'm soooooooo sorry! You should have just smacked him!

Neighbour - It's ok. He's quite cute actually!

I was so embarrassed. I had to have a little chat with the Lord.

Me - Lord Derbyshire... It is VERY unbecoming of a Lord to go to other people's houses and scratch their carpets!

All I got in return was a blank expression that was asking me "What's up with you?"

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darling8tabby said...

thank god the kitten alive but pity the mummy n siblings yeah..
they're so cute cat went to my neighbour house..and guess wut? makan2...minum2 jer :D