Monday, March 31, 2008

She's back....

First I heard the car. Then I heard her voice. She's back! She's back!

I ran towards her despite my injured paw. Where have you been?! Why have you been away so long?! I kept miaowing at her as loudly and as much as possible.

"My poor little one! I've missed you so much! I've been away working so I can have money to look after you as well as Schizo, Joberg and Tippex."

Not long after, she forced that stupid pill down my throat which is supposed to help heal my paw. I hate medicine! Give me tandoori chicken instead!

And yet again, she will have to go away again soon..... What a shame Joberg hates me playing with her tail. That keeps me amused while Sasha is away....

Yours Sincerely,
Lord Derbyshire

1 comment:

Emma-lin said...

Haha kucing pun tahu rindu kan? My cat does the same too... When I came back from honeymoon he dart out from hiding after hearing my voice and meow oh so loudly! So touching :)