Monday, September 15, 2008

Lord Derbyshire on video

For the first time, Lord Derbyshire is here on video!

He is not in a very good mood because Schizo caught a bird and he tried to take it away from her so she growled at him. He has been hanging around the kitchen since in his totally merajuk mood.

If you turn up your speakers you will hear me talking to him too.


sensei said...

Such a Divo! hehe

Wangi74 said...

Teringat melly..hehehe

Mr. Manager said...

Nice pair of white pumps in the background!

And I am almost certain His Lordship would get along quite well with my Count. His Grace Count Godiva Cadbury.

Harry's said...

lord ni boring kot...try sasha carikan dia memeber...sure dia hepi manjang nih..;P