Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Victoria Beckham dress collection debut

Victoria Beckham is really forging ahead with her dream to be a respected designer and just recently at New York fashion week she showcased her collection of dresses, along with a new hair cut which looks quite cute... part pixie like Tinkerbell and Audrey Hepburn.

Pics of the dresses from her collection are below..






Generally I like all of them. The ones I like the most have a star underneath the photo. Again, this collection is not cheap with prices starting at 650 pounds. Only 400 pieces to be made (not sure if that is for each design of in total). One person who I think will look stunning in these dresses and I think who we will eventually see wearing them is Dita von Teese. What I personally love most about the designs is the length of the skirt. I think below the knee length is so elegant. But one too many nasi lemaks and you can't wear these designs. And your body needs to be really proportioned. My body is not really well proportioned so I don't know if I would be able to wear them. I would love to see them in real life to look at the tailoring.

Some fashion editors are giving her fabulous reviews, others are telling her to get over herself.

I say good for you, this is something you want to do and so many people do not have the guts to do what they would like to in their life. She will never be free from criticism, but she will always be around, and I think that's great.

Fashion fairy god mother, my list is starting to become incredibly long isn't it. :)


julian said...

am sure u will look great in all of those.. happy ramadan

Anonymous said...

i just love her style. i adore her, even tho she's so thin :P

btw sasha, i just realised that u've linked me from ur blog. tq so much. but i'm not using the old address anymore :)

owh, i want to hv my own fashion fairy godmother too! :(