Saturday, September 27, 2008

A special Raya card for our vet. - by Lord Derbyshire

As Raya is near, and it's a good opportunity to show friends, family and colleagues we are thinking of them during a festive season, I suggested to Sasha that we should give our vet, Hasnul, a Raya card and some kuih raya.

Sasha told me she wanted to be a vet once too, so she could help animals. One of the main reasons she decided not to pursue it was because she will end up crying at the end of the day, everyday that she worked...because it would break her heart to see animals die, have to tell their owners who love them so much that they need to be put to sleep and / or not be able to help them.

Our vet Hasnul is a very nice man and genuinely loves animals and is so sympathetic to pets and owners when they need it.

So Sasha organised it and before it was sent to him, I made sure she had done a good job by checking what she wrote on our behalf in the card in my office. (yes, I know it's a box, but I consider it my office)

And this is what our card said...

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

Love Lord Derbyshire


katak_78 said...

Sasha..I have designed a raya card for u but due to my "busyness"..i delayed till now dah nak raya..soooooooo sory..maybe after raya ble lagi kot??hehehe..well,would like to wish u SELAMAT HARI RAYA"..Pliz post all nice pics during ur rya day...regards!

IkraamTorres said...

Salam Raya =)

kowneysa said...

Salam aidilfitri...
i'm new here..but i've been follow 'ur blog long enuff..
i really enjoy all those stories about 'ur cats..they are so luvly..
send my hug and kisses to them..
take care..

Harry's said...

kucing pun dapat kat raya...kah..kah..kah

faham ke kucing tu baca sasha..kekekeke

darling8tabby said...

selamat hari raya sasha... :)