Friday, April 03, 2009

some updates..

this morning i went to the dentist (again!) to put the braces in my lower teeth. so now the skin under my tongue hurts. great.... seriously, if you want to get braces, just get the outside ones! I also accidently bit the dentists finger cause i thought his hand was out of my mouth but it wasn't, choked on my saliva and had one of my teeth manually pushed by the nurse because it's slightly twisted while the dentist tightened the wire to straighten it. I should have bit them both then.

I wish I had the money to go and buy the new sally bag from chloe. that would make me feel better. Though I don't actually feel like going out cause my teeth hurt, i don't mind just holding it as i walk around the house.

What I should be doing is learning all of the complicated dance routines in the new tracey anderson dvd i received yesterday.

(one reader emailed me where did i get this dvd. I bought it online at her website. I can't find it in stores here in kl)

When I first watched the dvd, i could not believe how complicated it is. The routines are fast, non stop and there are 8 different combination sets. The mat workout dvd is much, much easier to follow.

i have no idea what i want to eat for dinner tonight...


n.i. said...

the first time time i got my braces i had to live on digestive biscuits mixed with milk (like baby food) for about a week...

Chay Gek said...

Inhale deeply the luxurious leather scent as you walk around the house with a Chloe Sally, that should be the perfect remedy after a torturous session at the dentist.

hope the pain subsides soon =)