Wednesday, April 22, 2009

P&G Launch

At the recent P&G beauty launch, a good friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure of performing with before Nell Ng performed in a short play called "Home Studio : The Three Ages of Women" at the Palace of the Golden Horses.

The cleverly crafted play showcased the importance of beauty innovation in the three stages of a women’s life, as a 20-something, a 30-something and a 40-something.

Nell as always was funny and quirky and had all of us laughing and laughing...

Right after the play, the evening’s program continued with a “Home Studio: Bisik-Bisik session.” The “Home Studio: Bisik-Bisik session” featured model and actress, Elaine Daly, TV personality, Belinda Chee and former newscaster, Hong Jukhee. All three of them, who are beauty authorities themselves, came together for a girl-to-girl bisik-bisik sofa session on the topic of beauty.

The “Home Studio: Bisik-Bisik session” became very lively andchatty and besides a discussion on beauty philosophy, beauty regiment and tips, another “hot” topic that came up was on how have tight times like now made women change their habits on beauty care spending. All three of them agreed that there should be no compromise on quality products from trusted brands, even in times like these.

When asked the question on what is the most important “ingredient” in beauty care, Elaine had this to say, “Without doubts, discipline is the key “ingredient!” When asked to elaborate, she said that one must have the discipline to stick to the scheduled time every morning and evening to care for your skin and hair. “You can have the best products in the world, but without a disciplined approach to daily beauty care, it is just not going to work,” concluded Elaine. I totally agree with Elaine on this.

Discipline - something I have to keep reminding myself too! So far I have never gone to sleep at night with my make up on! And I love the colour of Belinda Chee's dress!

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Obefiend said...

i miss seeing Hong Jukhee reading the malay news.. i wonder where she is now.