Tuesday, April 07, 2009

GLAM anniversary event - Melium Galleria KLCC

Today at the melium Galleria at KLCC, GLAM magazine launched an exhibition of a collection of their covers in conjunction with their 5 year anniversary. There were so many familiar faces. I could not take photos of everyone, but here are some

"Stand over there, you must take a picture with yourself,' says my friend Zairin

So I stood next to the image of me as part of GLAM's 3 year anniversary cover.
Like the dress? It's Celine. Runway piece Spring Summer 2008 collection. Another one of my warehouse sale bargains. :)

Noryn Aziz sang beautifully.....

The GLAM team cutting the cake in front of photographers.

Below, some of the pictures at the exhibition. The one on the left of Kudsia Kahar was their very first cover.

I love this portrait of Sofea Jane. Elegant, timeless, classic, modern yet vintage.

I don't think I need to tell you who these people are.


Dato Farah Khan & Wirda Adnan (editor of GLAM)

Soo Shea Pin (owner of Anya Hindmarch Malaysia) and Wan Zaleha Radzi.
I love Wan Zaleha's hair.


swit@kon said...

love love love your hair!!!!! and wan zaleha's too!!!


wow...sofea jan n wan zaleha...dammm cunnn!!!!

Shikin Hambali said...

Love wan zaleha's hair! loving sofia jane's portrait even more! youre looking very beautiful yourself :)

the Razzler said...

Wow... dah lama nil news about Wan Zaleha Radzi... :)

[naquibmambojumbo] said...

love what u wore.
simply stylish.
vey GLAM!.
dear sasha.
i will send you the pic of me wearing the DANSA tshirt okay.
sasha, naquib here.remember me?
i would like to invite you to a DRAMATARI production in Multimedia University Melaka campus organized by Multimedia Arts and theatre club.
its the club that im in.
i am the assistant event director.
i hope you can come.
bring along anyone.
nubhan and syed or even nikki along..
its on 26th of APRIL at 7.30 pm.
the ticket is only rm3.
its a small production only.
not like 'CATS' or 'PGL'.
i will update you.