Monday, April 06, 2009

F1 2009 Sepang


can you believe it?! I still can't!

I was having some lunch when I looked up from my plate and saw him standing in front of my table. I was introduced to him and immediately asked to take a picture with him.

He was so polite, obliging and very easy to talk to. And like his music, totally cool. My friend who is also a big fan asked him "When is your next album coming out?!". "November" he replied.

He loves fast cars and really enjoyed watching the race from the corner of the balcony.

I walked down to the pit area for the tour and couldn't resist taking a picture in front of the name of the best looking F1 driver.

Of course there were lots of cars being moved around. I bet these hard working team members really hate us tourists walking around the pit area, taking up space and with our cameras non stop taking pictures.

These guys look like they are waiting for something much more exciting to happen.

But THIS is my favourite car that is ALWAYS in the F1. THE SAFETY CAR!
Must be so cool to be a safety car driver.

The excitement before the race.

So many members in each team

Taking the tyres away

The cars are ready to go!

The cars stopping because of the rain and my favourite car!

Jason Kay was standing only a few metres away from me when I took this picture, and he was getting wet because of the rain, but he wouldn't move.

I don't actually know why that helicopter was there but it flew over my head many times.

The winners of the race wasting a lot of champagne

Scroll down for videos!


the Razzler said...

Dear Sasha..

Miss all the `LIVE, excitement. I've been to two F1 races so far. Once from the Grand Stand and once on those hill top.

The Heli are for the aerial shots.. bird's eye view!! :)

mira zin said...

oh my god!im so jealous!! u got to meet Jay Kay and catch his performance..*sob sob*

Nana Farhanna said...

i was there too! but missed the concert (bcos i went there with my fmly), sitting right in front of Ferrari's pit! those were the best days in my life! i love kimi raikkonen!