Sunday, January 16, 2011

A fashion post...

I haven't written about anything related to fashion for a long time, so I thought I would do one today.

I still have a 'don't buy anymore black' rule when it comes to my shopping unless it's something really different... I'm really wearing a lot more colour nowadays and my wardrobe doesn't look as black as it used to..

Looks I am loving more and more anything that looks 40's or 50's inspired, especially anything with a cinched waist. And I love fringing!

I have both the black fringe and coloured fringe top shop jackets that kate moss and karolina kurkova are wearing in the pics below and what is so cool about fringing is that when you walk, it moves and shakes a little bit. Really nice!

A fashion photo blogger you should definitely look at, tommy ton. He takes really awesome pictures at fashions shows but I love most is his behind the scenes or the street fashion pics he takes.

His blog is

One of Tommy Ton's favourite people to photograph is Anna Dello Russo. She is the editor of Vogue Nippon and wears the most amazing and insane clothes. A new fashion icon for me.

When I saw this pic of Kim Kardashian wearing the cape, I knew I had to get one like it. I prefer really long capes but ones this length are more practical. Managed to find one something like it at Zara. Yay! Bit crazy to wear it in Malaysia, so keeping it for when I go to cooler places.

And Victoria Beckham is pregnant with baby number 4! Can't wait to see how she dresses during this pregnancy and I am sure she will also ended up designing some maternity friendly clothes in her upcoming collections. Love the high waisted white pants she's wearing in this picture. I just saw a pair at Miss Selfridge, looks a bit like these but in black. What I like about high waisted pants is that your waist looks small, you definitly look taller and when you sit down, don't have to worry about people seeing your underwear. :)

And I have started designing my own clothes. :)
hopefully by the middle of the year I will be able to share some of the designs with you. :)

Til then, stay stylish everyone!

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