Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beauty Secrets from the East - Episode 9

Beauty Secrets from the East - Episode 9
Monday, 13th August
7.30 pm
exclusively on TV3

I really love this episode. When I previewed it at the office I just thought all the shots looked so beautiful.

I also met some amazing people....

Watch to listen to this fabulous woman berpantun (talk in poetic rhyme) a talent that is slowly dying....

In this whole episode, I only wore kebaya tops with either pants, jeans or sarong... as my regular readers know, I love kebayas! different colours, different embroderies.... my personal collection is continually growing!
And as promised I have another competition!
Watch the show and count how many kebayas I wear in this episode then email me with your answer at after the show ends and before 9 pm tonight (Malaysian time) complete with your full name, IC number, handphone number and postal address. Yes, some of the kebayas I'm wearing in these photos are included but there are others! There are different coloured ones and some only appear once for 30 seconds and some I wear for a lot longer.... some you may only see the top half... they are all included in the final number!
I'm sure you're wondering what the prize is!
Have a look!

Aren't these just beautiful?
These two beautiful framed 2D art pieces are from Arch Collection -
I first noticed this beautiful kebaya series by Arch Collection a long time ago as they have a gallery at One Utama (they also have galleries at KLCC, Central Market, PJ Hilton, KL Pavillion & Gurney Plaza in Penang).

I thought they are just so pretty to hang up and they also have these designs in other forms such as bookmarks and magnets which are gorgeous as well...

So of course, I though these were the best prizes to give for my kebaya related question!

I also think this kebaya series makes great gifts to any fashion loving friends overseas with whom we want to share a little piece of Malaysia....

Since there are two prizes, there will be two winners this time. The two winners will receive only one of these art pieces.

Same as last time, to my friends and colleagues at TV3 and Media Prima, this is for non-employees only..thank you for understanding....

I'm looking forward to receiving your emails! I'll be waiting.....


zeti zainal said...

hi sasha..
i just started reading your blog and i really like it.I like your fashion sense and of course the one thing that we have common, our love for shoes..check out my blog if you have the bad i can't watch today's episode of Beauty Secrets...

pantaiboy said...

tonite ker the show?

sensei said...

Kebaya has always been my favourite traditional dress.. :)

nana farhanna said...

gorgeous! that's how i think kebaya is.. :P

i was just talking to my sis in msia just now, asking her to buy and post me a kebaya for Hari Raya as well as my graduation day in Dec..

hope i'll get a good one soon.. :D