Sunday, August 26, 2007

Beauty Secrets from the East - Episode 11

Beauty Secrets from the East
Episode 11
Sabah and Johor
Monday, 27th August 2007
7.30 pm
Exclusively on TV3


It's Monday again so time for questions related to tonight's episode of Beauty Secrets from the East?

1 - What are the Bajau's also known as? Masyarakat Bajau juga dikenali sebagai apa?
2 - What is the colour of the top I'm wearing as I'm riding the horse in this episode? Apakah warna baju saya pakai semasa menunggang kuda?

You know what to do...

email answers with full name, IC No, postal address and hand phone number to

Prize is 200 ml Secret Garden set from the Himalaya Range.

All the best!

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sorry sahsa...stuck in aussie...cant watach it...cant wait once TV3's online TV starts...