Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beauty Secrets from the East - Episode 10

Beauty Secrets from the East
in Langkawi and Sarawak
Monday 20th August
7.30 pm
exclusively on TV3

In this episode of Beauty Secrets from the East, I visit Langkawi and Sarawak.... some of the beauty treatments were so nice and so easy to make on your own too!

I'm sure you're interested to know what's the competition question this week and what's the prize, so here it goes!

This time there is more than one question...

Question 1 - What is the name of Mahsuri's 7th descendant whom I interview in this episode?

Question 2 - What is the main natural ingredient believed to have been used by Mahsuri in her traditional recipes?

As you know, email me your answers, full name, IC number, full address and hand phone number to

To give everyone more time to email in, you have until 12 pm on Tuesday 21st of August to email me your correct answers.

What's the prize this week?

A 200 ml set of Secret Garden's shampoo and body wash from their Nusantara range.

It really smells like products out of a luxurious spa!

All the best!

Look forward to receiving emails from you!


sensei said...

My comment may be premature here but judging from the picture, if they every make a Mahsuri movie, you'll be perfect for the main role!

Don't you guys think so? :)

Anonymous said...

hey! I finally found this website where I can watch Msian tv channels on the net! yeay!! I'll catch ya tomorrow! :D