Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jom Heboh @ Bukit Jalil

Spot the difference between the following two pictures.

Some of the TV3 personalities. Tabah who is standing at the back thinks he is a Calvin Klein model.

A very familiar face in local tv dramas

I don't know why but someone had this hat so I just wanted to try it on.

With rock singer Ella and her sister Jojie

Two macho guys having their make up done. Recognise them?

Two of the hosts of Konsert Jom Heboh. Familiar?!

Aidil Ghafar 'warming up' the crowd before the concert

View of the crowd from the stage

Neerja and Boboy discussing preparations

Kak Huda preparing to go live on air for Konsert Bukit Jalil

Zaleha and myself eating cake at the end of the night.


sensei said...

That was fast! :)

adRiZaL said...

sounds fun! the white shades look great on you!

Anonymous said...

heee.. faizal tahir is cute..! XD

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

azhar sulaiman dah nampak tua..hmmm

Jay Ismail said...

hey..i knoe that leha chick!

Sarra said...

hye sasha...
such a nice blog u have..