Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gladiator sandals...

Question : Hi Sasha. Are those Top Shop gladiator jellies heavy? How do you wear gladiator sandals, can it be pulled off with jeans...?

Answer : Gladiator sandals can pretty much be worn with anything. Jeans, skirts, dresses... Though I don't think they would match any of our Malaysian traditional costumes, such as baju kurung, kebaya, saree and cheongsams. :) Because gladiator sandals are quite attention grabbing whether they are flat or high heeled, I recommend that they be worn with quite simple clothing such as like the olsen twins are doing in these pics. I have yet to try and wear ones that go up to the knee, mainly because I can't help but look at these pics of the Olsen twins and think to myself, "Tak rimas ke pakai kasut balut kaki macam tu?" But I should and will try to. Belum cuba belum tahu. Fashion is all about having a bit of fun and trying new things anyway.

And the TopShop ones are not heavy.

I envy all you readers in the UK. You have got huge TopShop and H&M stores there. Dah lah KL tak de H&M! I sedih lah... I totally missed out on all those fabulous designer collaborations with H&M such as Cavalli and Lagerfeld. Thankfully TopShop does bring in some of the Kate Moss collection here and we don't have to wake up at 4am in the morning to line up at the shop by 5am so that we can buy something like what happens in the UK. There are a few items in her current collection collaboration that I hope come down here, such as this black Victorian style tailcoat jacket. I like how it is slightly long in the back.

Hopefully... waiting, waiting... I asked them at the TopShop here if they are bringing it in and they said they don't know..sigh...

I tried on this dress but I think it's a little bit expensive. I'm hoping they still might have on in my size left during sale time.

From the same collection I already have this jacket which looks great with everything.
I also have this leather jacket and the black version of the one shoulder dress from her previous collection. I managed to get the jacket at 50% during sale time. I was so happy!

And how I wish I could get the red dress like what she's wearing here during the launch of her first collection.

Just have to wait and see.


adamuiz said...

hi sasha,
the leather jacket, awsome!!

zuen said...

Sasha dear,

in a way..thanks for always having us-overseas-fans-of-yours in your heart and thoughts..;)

Wangi74 said...

sasha thanks for the photo:).Nice of you.Oh..the gladiator sandal..maybe suits for celebrities kot..mak-mak macam i ni..tak kuasalah nak pakai....lagi nak winter ni..kalau kat msia yang panas tu tak tahulah camne nak survive pakai tu...tak gatal ke..kalau leather pun..but anyway sure mahal tu yang super rich twin tu pakai..very high quality very dia pakai pun sekejap saja.

Malaywood said...

sasha, youre a model, youre a star, who would you say youre inspiration? especially in fashion.

would it be Kate Moss? Victoria Beckham? Angelina Jolie? Sienna Miller? etc.

p/s : i love Kate moss collection too!but sometimes, it doesnt look so good, but youre paying it for the name.her winter collection was better than summer collection, i guess.

danyanova said...

Hey Sash,

Just to add on to the gladiator sandals comment: I reckon the gladiator sandals available in Malaysia mostly come in low rise and there are many variety of them (leather to patent) rather than what you see on the Olsen twins (I love them tho I think they look better on skinny women given the bulky effect!).

I think they are nicer worn with flowy items, shorter items and if pants are your prefered option, wearing a capri is nicer than full length trousers as the ankle should be visible (I love the way the multiple buckles around the ankle accessorize a plain outfit).

Zara has too many beautiful ones. Check it out!

p/s I have the Topshop glads in black ;)

Ally said...

looking awesome!! Gladiator sandals looks fabulous with mini dresses, short shorts, and capris.

Salwa said...

Topshop is awesome!

Love your page Sasha and this is my first comment :)

unveiled evil plan to get famous && take over the world said...

ouh my sasha.

im in love with the heels!! =))

go for it sha! hahaha ( batu api )

eh sha, ive linked yr blog.

dnt forget to add mine yea~~ ;))

-f-l-o- said...

Hey Sasha,

You're right, we do have extreme access to Topshop and H&M over here, it's too much too handle! Hehehe.

Now that summer is coming, the collections are even better! My only suggestion to you is, try shop online. Not sure if they're sending via post to Malaysia but like you said, belum cuba belum tau!

adRiZaL said...

hi sasha! i just received your photo with autograph! thanx a lot! it realy is a beautiful close up shot! keep the fashion spirit alive!

ainee said...

hi sasha. i think glad sandals are much suitable for leggy ladies. an yeah, i miss my summer sale in the UK. can get stuffs from next, dorothy perkins and topshop for few pounds only.

Anonymous said...

S A S H A ....!!!
Hi, do you have any idea when normally Topshop have their end of season sale in Malaysia??? I love love love that Topshop dress,how much was it?


butterbrownie said...

sasha u just make me feel like spending some of my cash ! omg topshop here i come hihi..btw..u should check bijou bazaar sasha..lotss of bargains

Anonymous said...

hi from brunei. i just got back from KL n i bought a few pretty tops from topshop (kate moss). i have a question...can u suggest ways to wear a bejewelled flat sandals?

Yen said...

Hie Sasha,

I am one of your silent reader, I would like to ask you which Topshop have the patches dress that you mentioned?? I went to sunway pyramid don't have the dress you mentioned.