Friday, May 09, 2008


As I was walking around the shopping centres, I suddenly felt bored...very bored.... None of the clothes were that interesting. I feel like I've seen it all before. There is nothing exciting. And there are sooooo many striped tops around, in every possible colour combination. All of the shoes seem to have horrible shapes. As I look at all the people walking through the shops and walking down the street, and everyone's dressing is so similar. Almost clone like. I found myself desperately wanting to see someone wearing something totally unusual.

I feel so uninspired, but I want to be. I am looking for great inspirations. Maybe I need to look deeper within myself.


acidburn@zero cool@cold kereosole@gingabite... -damnilikemynamealotwellthatsjustmebeingperasaan- said...

hey im lucky no 1 to post a comment..
1st of all,
howdy sasha.
2nd of all, boredom is something people experience in their lives most of the time.i feel bored as well when i study alot.i feel like i belong in tanjung rambutan, tats odd i noe..but it is a fact. so u saying that u felt bored as u were strolling in the shopping malls?wow. how can u get bored of malls? malls are malls!! lol. which shopping centre u went?
and so u say that u are looking 4 inspirations? awesome.good 4 u. gd luck with dat. =]

Anonymous said...

my greatest fear when going out, bump into someone who's wearing the same/similar clothes i'm wearing..! omg that is like the most embarassing moment ever!

when i was in high school (boarding school), i had this baju kurung with exactly the same pattern as one of my schoolmates! Since then, i never ever wear that baju kurung to school, ever.

hmm.. i think maybe you should try looking at other shopping centres, like the one u havent been into..(if there any lol).. u might find smthing worthy there.. :D

Malaywood said...'s my 2 cents.

in this moment, you could easily see people wear leggings , and dress sampai lutut, which is so corny.either the bright colour, or black and white which are normally from topshop.

i guess, the best thing to do, well, obviously kalau tak nak sama, sure go for designer they usually have limited collection.

as you cant often see people wearing marc jacobs , can you?

or else, design sendiri, and give it to your own fav tailor.

cheaper, mix and match.

sometimes, you dont really have to wear designer labels from top to toe.if you have a marc jacobs pants, and top shop top, guess shoes.again, it would look fab.

Anonymous said...

hi sasha, just some thought, gladiator heels? do you have one of those? like to see your pose with one! pls write somethin' about it... =)

butterbrownie said...

i cant barely find something to buy as all the clothes on display are similar to the clothes i owned.what i do now is just re-used everything.Im so confused.isnt spring supposed to be the best trend available ??? I need to get inspired too.oh btw, if u go to Pavilion, u will spot about 1234567 people carrying the MJ tote.I guess we must resort to local designers to have something original.huhu