Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sheila Majid...

When I saw Sheila Majid after the Celine Dion concert a few weeks ago, she saw me and said to me,
"Hi Sasha! Have you received your autographed book and cd yet?"

"Ummm, no I haven't yet. But I'm looking forward to it!"

I am a really big fan of Sheila Majid. In school, when I took part in singing competitions I always chose to sing her songs. I won one singing competition singing her song "Sinaran" and another one singing "Legenda". I still know every word to those two songs... and most of her other songs including "Pengemis Muda", "Gemilang", "Warna" and "Wanita". Receiving one of my favourite cd's of hers and her autobiographical coffee table book has made me so happy. I used to have every single one of her albums and an autographed Legenda poster from the first release of that album. Again, it all perished in Highland Towers. It's ok, this book and cd has replaced all of that.

I hope one day I can sing with her and do a photo shoot with her. I will probably faint with joy if that ever happens....


Anonymous said...

it reminds me of how i used to love Westlife when i was still in high school.. I would buy all their albums, collect their photos, VCDs, posters.. But sadly havent been able to meet them in concert yet.. And this yr, they're not coming to Aus, but will be going to Nz for their concert..

When they did came to Melb last 2 years, i was back in Msia enjoying my summer holidays.. If i knew they were cming, i would've stayed here a bit longer..

But no matter how old i would be (or they would be), i will definintely go to their concert.. at least once in my life.. XD

Anonymous said...

The second song ever got stuck in my head is from Sheila; Legenda...the first one is non other than legendary Aisyah (Janji manismu)...hurrmm...those good old days... =)