Monday, May 12, 2008

A special autographed photo for you!

Would you like an autographed photo from me especially for you?

All you have to do is

- email
- title the email "autographed photo"
- write your full name
- IC number (for Malaysians)
- postal address where you would like the autographed photo to be sent
- Your name that you would like it personalised to. I ask for this because I have seen many times where someone's name may be Nurfaradhiya but the "nama glamour" which they prefer is Faya
- your blog address if you have one
- and do share a little bit about yourself eg "I am a student studying rocket science at the University of Alaska and I love purple flowers". You can write as much as you want!

Please do not be shy! I will personally be organising all of the printing of the photos, autographing and personalising every photo, putting them all in envelopes and sending them out to you....wherever in the world you are! I know from some of the comments that you, my dear readers have left, that you are visit this site from all over the world such as the UK, US, Australia and Japan.

The photo you receive will be one of the beautiful professional photos that Jay took of me during that Sunday photo shoot at his house. I will put the chosen photo up on this site for you to see soon and you will receive your personalised photo by the end of May.

I look forward to hearing from all of you!


the Razzler said...

Dear Sasha..

That's so sweet & kind of you.. :) :)

darling8tabby said... sweet, will email u yeah!

cHaDacHaDa said...

comel jek~~

nabisham said...

Great! So sweet of you!

farhana...=] said...

i sure will..=]
n tats really nice of u to do that..
i mean it..seriously..

MsPea said...

I will definitely e-mail you Shasha to get that fabalicious great gift! How sweet of you (in appreciate peminat kan...)..loike it!

Anonymous said...

owh how schweeeeet..! you're the very best..! :)

:::sHa::: said...


Thanks for your appreciation. :)
So nice of you..


dear shasha

i think you are very pretty, stylish and talented.


i wish you all the best in your life.

butterbrownie said...

gasp ! really sasha !! i will mail asap !

lyn said...

Hi...Thanks kak sasha reply email saya hari tu....and thanks tentang tips & add my blog at your regular readers link...bye..

Malyn said...

am i late?
would like 2 hv 1 2
wil mail asap

haNis said...

OMG! am i late? :( will email u ASAP!

unveiled evil plan to get famous && take over the world said...

am i toooo late fot participate ?? if im not, then ill email u ASAP! ;DDD

i hope im not *sigh*.