Thursday, May 08, 2008

8 random facts/ habits

I received a comment saying I've been 'tagged' which means now I'm supposed to write 8 random facts/ habits about myself..... hmmmm..... ok..... here it goes..

1 - I don't drink alcohol. I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. I shop instead. Seriously, if you don't do all of those 3 things, you will have so much more money to shop with.

2 - I like my wardrobe to be colour co-ordinated... and it is...

3 - I love coffee table books. I have so many. They are all photography books, about art and fashion. Every night, before I go to sleep, I look at them and get ideas for photo shoots.

4 - I have a big plastic container where I put all of my coins in at the end of every day. Once it's full, I donate all that money to charity. You will be surprised at how much money you would have saved up if you do the same.

5 - I used to watch The X-Files. Remember that series? Now I'm a regular viewer of all 3 CSI seasons.

6 - I like see through transparent umbrellas. I don't have one though. I would like to get one. Then I will stand out in the rain and look up to watch the rain fall onto the umbrella. Anyone know where to buy one of these?

7 - I love barbie dolls. And I still have some. If my barbie dolls hadn't perished in Highland Towers I would have kept them til now. I would like to have the Kebaya barbie dolls that were sold a few years ago. They don't sell them anymore. Anyone know where I can get one?

8 - I love mermaids, and I wish I could be one sometimes. The closest I can be though is by having waist length hair. Which is why I refuse to cut it. I must achieve mermaid length hair!


drbubbles said...

Haha..same here...with regard to collecting coins.I have a post box 'tabung' made of clay bought from Mamak shop in Ampang Jaya.

Dah pecah dah pun kat belakang side - nak bayar parking!

luxen said...

the transparent umbrellas are available at watsons

Malaywood said...

thanks sasha! nice to know things that i havent know abt u before.

btw, i wish to have that umbrella too!there are plenty of them in selfridges,topshop,and other convenient store in london.


Anonymous said...

gheez i love transparent umbrellas..! but i dont hv any.. it's like, when you're searching for it, they nowhere! when you're not, it's everywhere!

MooMoo Shop said...

Hey Sasha,

I love see-through umbrellas too! Currently I'm eyeing this one from this site

Scroll down & you should see it there. It is so cute. I wonder how does the one from Watson looks like?

Anonymous said...

I love coffee table books too =) haven't been able to buy them for quite some time now :( you know where I could get some nice pre-loved ones?

the Razzler said...

Hi! Sasha..

I have a waist poach full of coins that I normally kept in my car for toll payment.. including those obsolete 1 Ringgit coins.. Hopefully, it would be a collector's item someday!! hehe :) :)

zeti zainal said...

Hi Sasha,
I used to have Barbie collection as well but not anymore because lack of responsibilities back then.hehehhe

I love the umbrella!! and I love to have one too.

If you managed to find one maybe you can post about it in your blog.


acidburn@zero cool@cold kereosole@gingabite... -damnilikemynamealotwellthatsjustmebeingperasaan- said...

well, as i have read most of the comments dat ur friends have posted on ur blog, i noticed tat the first thing they say is 'hi sasha'.
its a u wat,im gona start to greet u as well..!!

howdy sasha!
so u got tagged huh?well, i got tagged millions of times untill i have run out of wat to say.u say u shop rite?hmmm,so do i, but i have to say im a little to young to call myself a 'shopper' since i dun earn my own money.ur wardrobes are coordinated? cool.. so u start frm black to yellow or yellow to black?im sensing u have a lot of clothes..r u into photography? i mean u buy all the books related to photography rite?
coins.....well,well, looks like ur a coin keeper,i have a whole square box full of 1 sen coins..believe it or plan to keep it..=]
csi?im so into csi:ny rite now, ihate csi:miami coz its a big u watch house md or bones?
haha.. u like see through umbrellas???thats so 70's..i say that as a good thing.=]
i used to collect barbie dolls as well, but i gave them all away to the orphanage home a few years back.btw they use to sell d kebaya barbie in toy r rus in 1 utama.
so ur into mermaids?im guessing u have watched the movie 'little mermaid'?oh yaeh, i can see tat ur hair is growing day by day.. soon it will grow soooo long tat u will have the longest hair in malaysia..=]

sam said...

they do sell those transparent umbrella in japan though..if u want, i`m coming back to Malaysia,insya-Allah in Sept and i can hand u costs about 500yen (RM15) though...but if u can get it @ watsons....well do tell me if u want one...since there are demands for this umbrella, i might as well buy more..heheh

mimzzy said...

the umberella i bought one 4 years ago - Tie Rack London. Cost = £9.99.

nuts said...

hi sasha..
a fren of mine said she bought the exactly same umbrella like wht u posted at albert cupyt mkt, amsterdam..

uswah said...

Hi sasha! in Japan, most of umbrellas there are transparent! & their designs are unique n cute too!